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Pike and predator fishing articles

Apr 10, 2010

Pike fishing on Lough Derg, Ireland by Rick Zevering

Fishing for pike on Lough Derg can be done using several methods of which trolling and casting are the most widely practiced. Trolling: With the engine running as slow as possible, a bait (a plug, spoon or dead bait fish) is towed approx.… Read Full Story
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Dec 09, 2008

Pike fly fishing with Poppers

I'm sure all of you who fly-fish for pike have at least one or two poppers in your ever expanding collection of flies. If not, I highly recommend you invest in a few or if possible make a couple. My fly box primarily consists of 80%… Read Full Story
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Nov 04, 2008

Pike fly retrieval

Having been an avid Saltwater fly-fisherman for many years in South Africa I eventually crossed over to Fly-fishing for Pike once I moved back to Europe in 95 & two of the main aspects I have had to change with regards to fly-fishing for… Read Full Story
Sep 27, 2008

Fly Fishing For Pike

My Journey into Fly Fishing For Pike - By Steve Hills Many thanks to Colin at Pike Fly Fishing for allowing UK Fisherman to reproduce this article. Please visit their excellent website at: www.pikeflyfishing.co.uk I would have liked to… Read Full Story


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