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Sep 03, 2018

Best Carp Fishing Baits for Winter

If you are looking to benefit from the fact that not as many anglers bother during the winter months, you will find it a lot harder to tempt carp. Not only are they lazier, but the fact is that their metabolism slows down to compensate for… Read Full Story
Nov 20, 2017

Best Carp Fishing Baits And Secrets Of Superior Nutritional Homemade Boilies!

Exploit the very best secrets instant and nutritional carp baits! Discover secrets of how and why carp pick up baits and how to make them as potently stimulatory on multiple levels internally and externally to maximise your catches big… Read Full Story
Nov 20, 2017

Best Beginner Homemade Carp Baits And Expert Boilie Recipe Secrets!

More and more anglers in the UK and around the world are making their very own secret carp baits. But some baits and potent ingredients additives liquid foods and flavours, palatants and enhancers and sweeteners are far more successful… Read Full Story
Oct 07, 2014

Winter carp fishing bait tips and tactics to help you improve your big fish catches

Revealed here are some little secrets to get you started on the best fishing season you ever had! In this very special carp fishing article are some thoughts insights and experiences which will help you see unseen blocks to your catches… Read Full Story
Sep 23, 2014

How to make carp fishing boilies using krill and the secrets of their success!

You might be aware that krill is one of the most irresistible and popular carp fishing ingredients! But how and why it works best and how you can exploit it to maximise its potential for maximum catches are all vitally important for you to… Read Full Story
Sep 22, 2014

How To Defeat Mainline Cell Carp Boilies & Other Established Ready Made Food Baits!

You can outrageously beat Mainline Cell boilies; or even improve on them by adapting their nutritional profiles, improving their excess free amino acid availability enormously, exploit various special base mix treatments, do finished bait… Read Full Story
Jan 08, 2014

Winter fishing tips for big Carp - how to catch big carp in winter

UK Fisherman are delighted to bring you a series of carp fishing videos courtesy of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show, designed to help anglers with a range of carp angling techniques and tactics. If like me, you are a bit of a fair weather… Read Full Story
British Carp & Angling Show
Dec 10, 2012

British Carp & Angling Show | The best fishing show ever?

PLEASE NOTE:The rescheduled British Carp and Angling Show is taking place this weekend (16th-17th March 2013) at the Royal Norfolk Showground in Norwich. They will be honouring all past tickets and vouchers at the new event. Much of our… Read Full Story
Dec 20, 2011

Carp Fishing Baits That Catch More Autumn Winter And Spring Cold Water Fish

When autumn, winter and early spring conditions make carp much harder to catch you need to really think about how you are using your baits, if you are using them to their full potential to catch the most fish, and how you can do things to… Read Full Story
Nov 29, 2011

Make Your Homemade Baits Shockingly Powerful

Carp Bait | Butyric Acid | Advice To Make Your Homemade Baits Shockingly Powerful! Find out how to beat readymade baits by using butyric acid! It is one of the most well known bait and flavour components in carp fishing today, rated by… Read Full Story
May 09, 2010

Carp Disease - Infection and Transmission

The carp is naturally protected against infection by its scales and the mucous coating which covers its body. However, the external covering of the carp is constantly in contact with the surrounding water, and is therefore an ideal place… Read Full Story
Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden Treasures
Jan 31, 2010

Carp fishing Northern France - Hidden Treasures

Earlier in the year a phone conversation had me on the edge of my seat, during a visit to Northern France some friends had found a venue that seem to fit the requirements we looked for in a new venue. What was needed was for some anglers… Read Full Story
Carp Fishing in France
Dec 03, 2009

Must take items for carp fishing in France

You're getting ready for you carp fishing expedition to France. Now all you need to know is what you should take along with you. Of course you know the obvious like the bait and tackle. What some fishermen do not realise is the essential… Read Full Story
Homemade High Nutritional Value And Attractor Carp Baits
Aug 05, 2009

Discover the Secrets of catching Big Carp

As a carp angler of over thirty years standing…yes even after all these years I’m still addicted to this great sport of ours! In my day there was very little in the way of carp fishing books and information, it was the days when most carp… Read Full Story
Homemade High Nutritional Value And Attractor Carp Baits
Aug 04, 2009

Homemade High Nutritional Value And Attractor Carp Baits

Big carp baits have constantly evolved over the decades and generations, always seeking new ways to get around carps natural defences. Attractor baits or high nutritional value style baits both catch but why do nutritional baits… Read Full Story
Carp Fishing Conditions
Jun 23, 2009

Carp Fishing Conditions

How we long for those summer days to return, watching the cruising carp, slapping those mozquitos as they penetrate the follicle as the suns rays bring the tranquil evening surface to life. The high-pressure days can be so hot that we… Read Full Story
Ralph Dennett - 27lb 12oz common
Jan 17, 2009

Well worth waiting for

The chairman’s letter confirming I had been accepted into the B.C.S.G also reminded me of the need for us to supply material for “The Carp” he said it didn’t need to be of a technical nature, whew, glad about that. The letter did however… Read Full Story
Madine from the Air
Dec 08, 2008

World Carp Classic 2008

Lac de Madine – France – 31 st August – 6 th September Sponsors: Ehmanns Fishing Tackle – Courtesy of Northern Carp Formula Carp Advanced Bait Solutions Matt’s Tackle – Eastbourne This would be my third year in the competition since 2005,… Read Full Story
Fishing Articles - Commercial carp fishing
Sep 23, 2008

Commercial carp fishing

COMMERCIAL CARP FISHING - By Crazycarper Now most of you frequent readers of the forums and articles will probably consider me as more of a big carp hunter than a commercial fisherman. But yes, I do enjoy a good day out catching smaller… Read Full Story
Sep 22, 2008

Carp fishing with Marc - carp baits

CARP FISHING WITH MARC - By Marc Seasonal Changes 2006 - Part 2 Thinking About Baits Welcome to part two in which I’m going to talk about baits & the successes I have had of late. In the late eighties I never bought used shop made baits. I… Read Full Story
Sep 22, 2008

Hooks, rigs, leads, line, rig tube, pva and other carp fishing terminal tackle

CARP FISHING WITH MARC - By Marc Seasonal Changes 2006 - Part 1 With runs drying up, Mr Carp getting harder to find & the winter weather becoming even less inviting, it was time to start thinking, debating, putting a few changes into my… Read Full Story
Jan 22, 2008

Luckiest fisherman on earth

How to become the ‘luckiest fisherman on earth!’: Source: Tim Richardson, author of Big Carp Bait Secrets Have you ever wondered why one ‘lucky guy’ seems to catch the biggest fish again and again, while the majority of other fishermen… Read Full Story
Oct 21, 2007

2007 World Carp Classic

by Ralph Dennett Lac de Orient – France – 9th to 15th September Sponsors – Carl (The Baitmaster) Edwards - Carple Baits & Lewington Homes Berkshire Ltd I don’t normally fish matches but this event is something else. The whole atmosphere is… Read Full Story
Sep 26, 2007

Fishing Bait Ingredients

EASY FISHING BAIT INGREDIENTS - By Tim Richardson Using Brilliant ‘Natural’ Extracts! There are many ways to make very successful fishing baits without using flavours; why not try using very powerful ‘natural ingredients and extracts!… Read Full Story
Aug 09, 2006

Junior Carp Championships

Preparing for the Junior Carp Championships 2006 [Part 1]: - By Crazycarper Seventeen minutes past eleven, Thursday 3rd of August, I'm worrying about the competition in less than two weeks time. After filtering the internet for every bit… Read Full Story


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