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Fishing Reviews - Tackle & Bait

Jul 02, 2014

Tackle reviews: Hybrid Metalica Fishing Lures from Payo

Here at UK Fisherman, we are always delighted to get away from the desk and actually spend some time fishing, so we couldn't wait to get out and try out some "hybrid metalica fishing lures" sent to us recently, courtesy of The House of… Read Full Story
Jun 05, 2013

CC Moore's Active Feast Method Mix review

CC Moore products are created under the ethos "Quality without compromise". Their products are well known and well respected amongst anglers worldwide and their tried and tested baits not only represent outstanding value for money, they… Read Full Story
Duck Sentinel
Jun 05, 2012

Duck Sentinel | fishing tackle review

Produced by Linjazro, the Duck Sentinel is an innovative new product designed to protect surface baits from widlfowl. Using the Duck Sentinel means you don't have to remove floating baits when ducks and other widlfowl appear. Product… Read Full Story
Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 Reel
Aug 30, 2010

Shakespeare Pflugger Underspin 1810 Reel

Review by Crazy Crab: August 2010The popular Underspin reel isn't just for ultralight enthusiasts anymore. Loaded with 10-lb. test for bigger lures and bigger fish. It sports the same four ball-bearing drive as the original Underspin. And… Read Full Story
EuroCatfisher Digital Scales
Aug 05, 2009

EuroCatfisher Digital Scales from Fisherking

This brand new product EuroCatfisher Digital Scales comes from a company called Fisherking. They are real beasties capable of registering up to a mighty 200kg. Don't worry if you don't catch fish like that, there is also a 100kg version.… Read Full Story
Prologic Quick Release adaptors
Feb 20, 2009

Prologic Quick Release adaptors

Prologic Quick Release adaptors. No matter what your angling discipline, these handy little adaptors will save you masses of time on the bank as they can be used on everything from landing nets to storm poles! Sometimes it's the little… Read Full Story
Middly Shotgun Feeders
Oct 10, 2008

Middy Shotgun Feeders

Top commercial match carp anglers have been trying to solve the problem of using pellets with a feeder, they needed a new feeder that delivered pellet bait like a 'dinner plate' away from the feeder. The SHOT-GUN does just that! You load… Read Full Story
preston stotx shot form preston innovations
Sep 21, 2008

Preston Stotz Shot

PRESTON STOTZ SHOT Description: Preston stotz are a hydrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work perfectly on fine diameters!). The wide groove makes placing them on the line quick and easy. Another advantage is… Read Full Story
Sep 21, 2008

Skinz hookbait pellets

SKINZ HOOKBAIT PELLETS Description: Skinz hookbait pellets from Sonu Baits are an advanced, skinned, hookable pellet type bait full of powerful fish attractants. The skin is full of soluble feeding triggers that go to work immediately once… Read Full Story
Masterline XL 12ft Match Rod - Plus Half Price Reel
Sep 21, 2008

Cheap Match Fishing Roads

CHEAP MATCH FISHING RODS I hope that you’re reading this article just after it’s published, as I have a feeling that some of the rods I’m about to mention will be sold out very quickly! Internet stalwart, and clearance retailer for quality… Read Full Story
korum quick change beads
Sep 21, 2008

Korum Quick Change Beads

KORUM QUICK CHANGE BEADS Description: Quick change beads enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Simple to use and totally reliable they are perfect for stillwater and… Read Full Story
Ben May catches over 374lb of carp using Red Crab Steamers
Sep 21, 2008

Carple Steamers baits

This is not so much of a review by me but a chance to gaup in awe at some superb carp caught recently using Carple Steamers Baits from the Baitmaster. Words seem unncessary - just feast your eyes on these beauties and then head over to THE… Read Full Story
Sep 21, 2008

Masterline Signature Super Specialist Rods

Masterline Signature Super Specialist Rods 2.5TC When Dave Havers of called me to say he’d got a batch of carp rods in for reduced clearance, I must say, I was over to see him in a shot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more… Read Full Story
Traditional Handmade Floats
Sep 21, 2008

Traditional Handmade Floats

Traditional Handmade Floatsspan There are many occasions in life when you find yourself getting really excited in anticipation of an event, only to be let down when it finally happens. I’m happy to say that this definitely was not the case… Read Full Story
Sep 21, 2008

Middy Rock Ard Camo Match Carp Net

The Middy "Rock Ard" Camo Match Carp Net - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Middy Rock 'Ard Camo Match Carp Net is a landing net designed specifically with match fisherman in mind. Light enough to handle with ease and be shipped… Read Full Story
Middy "Big Gob" Keepnet
Sep 21, 2008

The Middy Big Gob Keepnet

The Middy "Big Gob" Camo Keepnet - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Big Gob is a totally new concept in keepnets that incorporates the use of camouflaged netting, this is to stop the net spooking carp when fishing in the margins,… Read Full Story
Sep 21, 2008

Middy Baggin Wagglers

Middy "Baggin" Wagglers - courtesy of Middy Tackle Description: The Middy Baggin wagglers come in two colours, white and camo. They are available in a variety of weights to suit all situations. Pre-loaded, they make casting and shotting a… Read Full Story
Sep 20, 2008

Sticky Sharp Rigs

Pre-tied fishing rigs from Sticky Sharp Rigs - By Marc Firstly I would like to thank Paul at UK Fisherman & the guys from 'Sticky Sharp' for giving me the opportunity to try out these rigs, I have been carp fishing for many years now &… Read Full Story


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