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Fishing Articles - general fishing

Fishing articlesWe hope you enjoy the UK Fisherman "general fishing articles" section. Clicking on each title will take you to a page where you can view and comment on each article.

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Jul 11, 2013

Fishing In Cardiff

Freshwater Fishing in Cardiff If you are thinking of fishing in Cardiff then the one thing you will certainly have is variety. Cardiff is situated on the Bristol Channel where 3 significant rivers terminate. Two of these flow into Cardiff… Read Full Story
The bishops reel
Sep 27, 2008

Piscatorial Past Times

PISCATORIAL PAST-TIMES - By steve Sheppard Source: Steve Sheppard at Anglers Gifts My interest in angling began when I was a youngster my father took me to a local soccer match between two local teams that left me scarred for life and… Read Full Story
Sep 27, 2008

Piscatorial Companion

A PISCATORIAL COMPANION - By Steve Sheppard Source: Steve Sheppard at Anglers Gifts Now you may think from my title a friend to go fishing with well you are wrong. This is a story going back to a time when men were men, adventure, danger,… Read Full Story
Sep 23, 2008

Contour Map Fishing

What does your swim look like underwater? Find out with M & B Contour Map Fishing M & B Contour Mapping specializes in producing accurate coloured contour depth maps of lakes and Fisheries. The maps show any variations in depth, the… Read Full Story

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