Crow Green Fishery, Pilgrims Hatch

Crown Green FisheryCrow Green Fishery offers coarse, carp and catfish fishing on 5 lakes and is situated in Pilgrims Hatch, Essex

Night fishing is available at Crow Green Fishery (for regular anglers only).

Address: Crow Green Farm, Days Lane, Pilgrims Hatch, Essex, England, CM15 9SL, UK
Species: carp, catfish, tench, bream, roach, rudd, barbel, eels
Tel:  01277 375172
Prices: adult day tickets £10 (concessions and night fishing available to regulars only)

My name is Timi Moyegun,I am from Nigeria and I have a cat fish farm in Nigeria,majorly into in breeding,production of fries,fingerlings and juveniles fish,
I just want to know if you are also into this type of procedure and I am willing to learn new system if any as I am presently in London on visiting holiday,Essex to be precise.
Hoping to here from you as my ticket back to Nigeria expires on 29th of August.
Thank you.
:P well what can one say about probably the best day ticket water in essex for sturgeon and cats. Its a total credit to jason and karen who own it (i wish i could buy the lake complex).
The pegs are in superb order.the lakes are a credit to the owners only downside is the car park its big but with potholes but who cares what a place ! . Yes there could be improvements ie a cafe (thats a good idea) tackle shop .
Ok the lake can be hard on its bad days (main lake) there are pike 20lbs,sturgeon to 50lbs cats to 83lbs.carp however are small at up to 30 lbs (joke). no small stuff as the cats and pike have got them..please do not use light tackle here i would recommend nothing under 15lbs line but reckon 18lbs to 23lbs with armoured kevler if possible braided end tackle 40lbs-100lbs . hook sizes size 8 to size 1/0 baits. basically anything works there, mackeral (pike/cats/sturgeon) boilies (all fish ) luncheon meat(all) halibuts (all) worms even. and pigs liver for cats and sturgeon only
However there are other lakes too match lake has one huge carp in there well over 30lbs suppose to be the match lake, .(matches are held there) all species there. except cats and sturgeon and pike.???? Car park lake is similar to the match lake there are a number of jack pike in there plus all the usual fish you might expect odd cat small and sturgeon but mainly bream ,koi ,ghostie and smaller carp to about 20 lbs.(small?)
The lake complex is not perfect but pretty dam near it. also there is a small lake at the back which hopefully will be open later this year (stock pond) some eels there . It be interesting if jason can get the work finished on this lake before the end of summer... :)
cool crowgreen fishery is sike


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