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Priory farm Fishing LakesConvenienetly situated only 20 miles from Central London and ten minutes from Junction 6 of the M25, Priory Farm Fishing Lakes offer top quality fishing for both the angler and the matchman.

Three well stocked lakes provide the very best angling along with a new pond that is perfect for mini matches.

carpcrucian carp tench bream roach rudd perch


Sandy Lane, Nutfield, nr Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4EJ, England, UK


Phone: 01737 823304

Day Tickets:

Fishing at Priory Farm lakes is available through membership only. Guests are actively encouraged but only when accompanied by a member. Guest tickets are available from the Plant Centre or Main Office. New Members are always welcome.

To apply for membership please telephone 01737 823304, or visit the Farm Office for an information pack and application form. Alternatively download the membership form and prices below.

Downloadable application form with prices


  • parking
  • toilet facilities
  • coffee shop
  • farm shop
  • plant centre

Getting There:

Priory Farm is 20 miles from Central London and ten minutes from Junction 6 of the M25. The farm is south of the A25 between Redhill and Godstone. In Nutfield follow the brown tourist signs to Priory Farm.

For a detailed map, please click here

What's on Offer:

Priory Farm Fishing Lakes offer top quality

The Season is April to March and the lakes are open sunrise to sunset. The well managed lakes total in excess of nine acres and are stocked with Carp up to 25lbs, excellent Crucian Carp, Roach, Perch, Tench, Rudd and Bream.

Priory Farm fishing is available to members only, but members can bring guests along to fish with them, this costs £12.00 for one day's fishing. If you are a non member, please feel free to call and book an appointment which will allow you to have a guided tour of the complex.

Priory Lake:

Priory Lake at Priory FarmBuilt around 1850, Priory lake offers great fishing and with the lake depth averaging 4ft it is suitable for all fishing tactics. The carp fight hard and are of many different sizes. With all of the island growth, along with the marginal plants, you need to hit and hold and expect the fish to put up a good fight because they will.

As you enter Priory Lake you will notice that there is absolutely no shortage of fishing features, whether you are setting up for the day or turning up in the evening to do a little bit of stalking it is a great venue. The fish respond to all kinds of tactics, off the top and bottom.

Hogtrough Lake:

Hogtrough Lake at Priory FarmThe fishing on this lake is harder than the others but the rewards can be great. The Carp go to 25lb 14oz. There are also Crucian Carp, Roach, Perch, Skimmers, Bream and Tench to 8lb plus. This lake is 4.2 acres in size and has four islands that are obvious fishing features. The depth varies greatly, some areas 3ft and in others 17ft. So be prepared to do a little feature finding if you want to get the most out of your fishing.

There are a small number of small bays, which are excellent fishing areas especially in the summer, as a lot of the fish are on the top. During the winter the fish love to sit in the deeper areas of the lake and when you find them you have a good chance of hooking one of the big ones.

Hungerford lake:

Hungerford lake at Priory Farm Fishing lakesThis lake is full of carp which range from 1lb through to 20lb. The fishing on this water is superb and in the summer it is a bite a chuck. Through the winter the fishing does slow down, to a bite every three chucks. The fact of the matter is that you will not be able to fail to catch fish the whole year round.

Match weights up to 170Ib prove to be a regular occurrence in the summer months and it is without a doubt that the fishing on this lake is fast. With 2 acres of water to fish and an island with plenty of marginal growth, including reeds and lilies, you are able to fish in all sorts of situations, either stalking a group of fish in the margins using your pole to pull the fish out fast, or to sit behind a feeder rod waiting for the rod tip to fly around. The island and surrounding trees make it a great looking area and a perfect habitat for wildlife and birds.

It is a very good venue for matches, with plenty of space and fish for everyone.

Fishing matches:

Priory Farm will run a Club Championship organised by Ray Smee - telephone no. 07761 959449. You must be a member of the fishing lakes to participate in a match. There are currently 12 matches arranged for the 2007/08 season.

Priory Farm also runs a seris of interclub matches throughout the season as well as mini-matches which are held on the Moat Pond.

Two views of Priory Farm Fishing Lakes

Venue Rules:

  • All anglers must stay within the perimeter of the lake and car parks.
  • No fishing without a current membership card.
  • Membership cards must be displayed on the hook provided at all times.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Gates must be kept locked according to membership details.
  • Hemp, boilies and ground bait may be used in moderation to avoid pollution.
  • A National Rod Fishing Licence must be held and carried at all times.
  • All fish caught must be returned to the water alive.
  • Unhooking mats must be used at all times.
  • Use of lead weights - NRA rules apply.
  • Floating bait may be used, but particular care must be taken not to hook water fowl.
  • Keepnets only allowed during matches and must be a minimum of 8 ft.
  • Surplus bait must not be discarded into the water.
  • No wading.
  • Fishing is allowed from the marked pegs only.
  • One angler per peg.
  • Only one rod is permitted in the water at a time on Hungerford Lake.
  • Two rods may be used on Priory Lake and Hogtrough, and bait runner reels must be used.
  • Bait boats may be used but not across other anglers swims.
  • Tackle must be withdrawn from the water if unattended.
  • Litter in the vicinity of the anglers peg is considered his/her responsibility.
  • No dogs, radios, fires or firearms are permitted.
  • Only one spectator may accompany each angler.
  • Cars must be parked in the authorised car park only - not in Mountain Boarding car park.
  • Any fish disorders should be reported to the Farm Office.
  • Members may teach juniors under the age of 12 how to fish by sharing a peg. Only one rod may be used. Any member under 16 must be accompanied by the adult member holding the Family Membership Card at all times.
  • The "Method" style of fishing with free running frame feeders is allowed at the discretion of the Bailiff. Guests must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

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