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Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals


Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals offer a cost effective solution for instant hot food whilst away from home and fishing. Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals offers a new concept in "instant" hot food and is the answer to having a hot meal without needing a stove or matches!

Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating MealsWith a heating time of only 10-12 minutes, the self heating Meals are ideal for use by anglers, or even to take to outdoor music festivals, sports meetings, motor rally's etc. Take a Self Heating Meal to work or the office or when working outdoors as a warm alternative to lunchtime sandwiches.

Each Self-Heating Meal Pack contains a delicious and wholesome 300g cooked, ready to eat meal in a foil pouch, a water-proof sachet with 2 heat elements and a sachet with water. Hot Pack™ Meals come in fourteen nutritious breakfast, main meal and dessert recipes so you are sure to find a taste that satisfies your palate. Choose from Lancashire Hot Pot, Chicken Casserole, Sausages and Beans, Chicken Dopiaza Curry, Meatballs and Pasta in Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Curry, Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni, and All Day Breakfast. For detailed information on each recipe see Nutrition Information of each meal.

  • No Stove or cooker
  • No Matches
  • No re-hydration needed - just heat and enjoy
  • Pack contains unique non magnesium heater, activated with water (included) to heat the meal
  • No freezing, store at room temperature
  • Long shelf life

We've actually reviewed two other self-heating meals from different manufacturers so pretty much know what to expect from these sort of convenience foods. So how would Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals stack up against the competition?

Be-Well Expedition Foods sent UK Fisherman three varieties - chicken casserole, all-day breakfast and curry. The meals are simple to heat up - activate the heater by pouring the sachet of water onto the heating pad then seal the plastic bag with the heater and the meal inside. Wait 7-8 minutes, open the bag and enjoy a perfectly hot meal!

Firstly, the process is simplicity itself. These meals are ideal when you have no access to cooking facilities, such as when fishing. The first meal I tried wasn't quite as hot as I had expected, although this was probably more due to my haste to try the food which meant I hadn't really left it long enough to heat up. The second and third times I tried these self-heating meals, I left each a few minutes longer and the food was a good deal hotter.

So how were the meals in terms of taste. Well these are convenience foods and as such you cannot expect fine dining a la Gordon Ramsey. However, these meals are really very tasty. The curry had a really good flavour and hit just the right mark for my personal taste in terms of spice - not too hot, not too mild. The chicken casserole and all-day breakfast were eqully as palatable. I would much rather tuck into a proper, tasty meal when fishing, rather than relying on a couple of manky sandwiches I might have made that morning or a "heart attack on a plate" burger from the fishery burger van.

My only criticism (and this is being a bit picky) was there was no fork included in the pack, so if you have forgotten to take one with you, you may have to eat with your hands!

Self heating meals from Be-Well Expedition FoodsTo sum up, I would highly recommend Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals to anyone who wants a convenient, tasty hot meal in any situation where there is no access to cooking facilities.


Prices and where to Buy:
  • Each meal currently costs £5.39 (exluding shipping)

For more information or to purchase Be-Well Expedition Foods Self-Heating Meals online, please visit their website at:


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