Monday, 09 May 2011 19:45

A Pikes Tail - a poem by Jennifer

Uk Fisherman was delighted to receive the following poem from Jennifer, all about her experience hunting the elusive predator.

A sunny afternoon was my first view.
I had a perch Ooh this ones is big, at least a Two.
Slowly the jaws broke the water, then it shook its head.
A beast of a fish, I nearly dropped dead.
A 20lb pike! up the bank I fled, I was gone.
Stay there my man shouts, don’t loose that one.

So I watched and listened to my fishing coach.
I was good with the others, the Rudd, the Perch, the Roach.
He showed me the ways with a spinner and lure.
It took a lot of practice, and yes I swore.

Then something clicked, like riding a bike.
I started to catch those elusive pike.
I caught a few jacks, 2lb, 3lb, and even four.
I new what do, I wanted some more.

The bigger ones came out, so strong and lean.
Their beautiful colours, from white through to green.
Those powerful jaws, and razor sharp rakes.
I grew confident to hold them, although I still shake.

Then one cold October morning we were trying our luck
I new he was there beneath the dark water sitting in the muck
Waiting for some dinner to pass his way.
I could feel it was my lucky day.

Then I caught my personnel Best.
Head and shoulders above the rest.
My 17.5 lb Beast a truly big lump
My knees did shake my heart did thump

I caught a big one, you cant dispute
But I am still to catch that 20lb brute
But I will do it, I know I can.
I will be an angler Woman…

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