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Tackle and Gun Show 2011 | 16-17 October


Every year, in October, the shooting and fishing industries come together at one of this country’s best trade shows. The 2011 Tackle & Guns Trade Show is scheduled for Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire, on Sunday and Monday, October 16th and 17th, and will attract more than 700 individual fishing and shooting outlets all looking for products for the following season.

Tackle and Gun Show 2011Many of the suppliers use the show to take stock orders, while others use it as a vehicle to show their full product range and make confirmed appointments with retailers.

As well as being a fantastic showcase for angling and shooting suppliers, the Tackle & Guns Trade Show also provides an opportunity for business-to-business suppliers wanting to break into these lucrative markets.

Record number of visitors at the 2010 show | 28 October 2010

Tackle & Guns Trade Show is pleased to announce yet another record number of visitors to the two-day trade show. In total 2,013 visitors passed through the doors at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, of which 1,252 people visited on the Sunday and 761 on the Monday (people that visit both days are only counted once).

A total of 734 individual retailers visited, and of these, 211 stock shooting equipment only, 327 stock fishing equipment only with a further 196 stocking both shooting and fishing equipment.

Taking into account the crossover, this means that 407 retailers sell shooting equipment and 523 sell fishing equipment.

Source: Tackle and Gun Show 2011

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