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Linear Fisheries fishery and catch report | 3rd November 2011


Linear Fisheries have some of the best big carp waters in the country. All of the 7 day ticket waters and 3 syndicate waters hold numerous carp to over 30lb with many 40lb carp caught each year. Runs waters and exclusive carp lakes - Linear has it all. This is the latest news from Linear Fisheries as of 3rd November 2011.


Linear Fisheries fishery reportPhil Norris had two fish up to 24lb whilst fishing with "Big Dave" who landed three fish up to 25lb, both anglers used baits from SBS over chops and particles.

Matthew Francis, aka "Fashion" had mirrors of 22lb 02oz, 25lb 08oz and 27lb 14oz during a recent weekend session.

Ray Gong had seven fish up to 21lb 12oz during a quick overnight session using hemp, pellet and CC Moore live system boilies.

Dominic Savin had a 17lb 06oz mirror along with a new PB 31lb 02oz mirror using Blakes Baits boilies.


Benedict Fowler had a new PB 31lb mirror along with four other fish during a recent session. This is the second different thirty to come out of B-2 this year.

Adam Chambers had a new PB 26lb 10oz using yellow wafters over particles.

David Pritchard had a cracking 21lb linear mirror using solid bags.

Linear Fishery Officer, Chris Blunt lost one and landed a further six fish during a 20-hour session. Chris fished wafters over hemp, pellet, corn and Richworth KG-1 boilies. His catch included fish weighing 16lb 12oz, 18lb and 20lb 01oz.


**Credit/Debit Cards**

You can pay by credit/debit card, on the bank-side at Linear. Bailiffs carry a mobile card machine which will accept most major cards. This is Linear's preferred method of payment, we still obviously accept cash but no longer accept cheques as a method of payment.

**Upcoming Matches**

The following matches will take place at the complex over the next month.

Manor Farm Lake: Pike Match, whole lake closed on Sunday Nov 20th.


On Unity Lake Mark Worrall had a new PB 32lb 04oz mirror.

On Yeoman's Lake Matt Davies had a 34lb mirror.


Fishing the complex for the first time, Martin Allen had a 17lb 12oz pike along with another weighing 10lb 08oz using dead baits.

Also fishing Linear for the first time was Aidan Green who landed three pike up to a new PB of 15lb 08oz on roach and mackerel dead baits.

Bicester angler, Matty Vaughan had an impressive 8lb 06oz tench along with a pretty low double mirror.


Keiron Camden from Swindon had a 7lb 14oz pike.

Matt Callaghan had a 26lb 12oz mirror during a recent visit to the water.

Richworth consultant, Steve Reynard had a 32lb mirror during a weekend session.


Dave Austin had a 14lb common along with mirrors weighing 15lb, 20lb and 32lb fishing solid bags at 85 yards.

Dan Jenkins had a new PB 26lb mirror fishing a hi-viz single pop-up.


Dicky Poulton had a lovely 25lb 02oz mirror.

Sean Halfpenny from Climax Tackle had a 22lb mirror and a new PB 30lb 04oz mirror nicknamed "Terrence".

Darrell Peck had a cracking 34lb 02oz common using cell boilies.

Sparsholt Student had commons weighing 16lb 08oz and 30lb along with a 31lb 08oz mirror along with another mirror known as "Blackeye" weighing 33lb 10oz. All his fish fell to CC Moore baits.

Source: Linear Fisheries

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