Monday, 09 April 2012 19:18

Etang De Planchon fishery update - Season 2, Week 1


Etang de Planchon’s second season kicked off to a flying start with 105 fish being caught totalling over 2500 lbs of fish.

Etang de PlanchonThe lake record got broken twice and the first 40 graced the banks.

Sam Lane (13 yrs old) broke the lake record early in the week with an impressive 39 lb 13 ozs.

John Wynne broke the lake record a couple of days later with a 40 lb carp and is the current lake record holder.

The fish are well and truly on the munch ahead of spawning and the Trigga house specials were again doing the business alongside Sticky vortex.

The new season saw a difference to last year in that the larger fish were coming out on larger beds of bait as opposed to last years little & often approach.

Large beds of Hemp, Maize and pellet were drawing them in and Trigga (lake special) or sticky vortex topped with fake corn, or bright pop ups have been the downfall of the bigger fish so far.

Of the 105 carp caught, there was 1 x 40, 11 x 30’s & 80 x 20’s (of which 40 were upper 20’s).

The top 6 fish for the week were: 40 lb, 39lb 13oz, 38lb 7oz, 2 x 35 lb & 34 lb 14 oz.

Check out the catch report and photos here:

Check out the gallery photos here:

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