Tuesday, 17 April 2012 07:48

Bury Hill Fisheries | Temples big carp wake up


Temple’s BIG carp SPRING into life with 75 fish reported already! Despite spring showers, Temple’s big carp are on the move with 23 thirties reported so far along with 52 twenties, which given the fact that it is still early April is amazing fishing!

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportWith six fish topping the magical 35lb mark, Alex Windle-Hills stunning 38lb 4oz mirror tops the list of BIGGIES closely followed by David Hopkins much sort after Ghost weighing 38lb. John Carson and Mark Chandler both caught mirrors weighing 37lb 4oz whilst Jody Derbyshire caught a stunning mirror weighing 37lb 2oz, Mark Simmond’s caught a 36lb 10oz mirror and Gez Schifano caught a 35lb 2oz mirror as part of a three fish haul.

The first few days of April have seen a huge increase in BIG FISH action with a string of anglers reporting multi catches with a good few thirties mixed in.

Below is a quick run down on a few of the latest catches, for further details please refer to the fishery catch reports on our website.

  • Mark Chandler caught a stunning brace of thirties during his recent visit, both mirrors weighing 37lb 4oz and 33lb. Mark caught both of his fish on homemade pop ups from peg 5.
  • Jody Derbyshire ended his Easter weekend session with a stunning mirror weighing 37lb 2oz, which he caught from peg 13 on a Cell boilie.
  • Martin Simmonds managed a cracking brace of thirties during his visit, Robin Hood at 36lb 10oz and a stunning linear weighing 34lb 10oz. Martin fished peg 13 also catching on Cell.
  • Matthew Ardley managed three mirrors during his session weighing 34lb 4oz, 29lb 6oz and 22lb 2oz. Matthew fished peg 12 and caught on Cell.
  • John Carson managed five fish during his session, three mirrors weighing 34lb, 29lb and 26lb and two commons weighing 23lb and 20lb. John fished peg 6 catching on Cell and a 5 bait stringer.
  • Peter Mitchell caught a brace of commons weighing 32lb 11oz and 29lb 12oz.
  • Nick Shah managed five fish during his recent session, mirrors weighing 30lb and 24lb and commons weighing 25lb 8oz, 25lb, 24lb and 22lb. Nick fished peg 3 catching on Cell boilies.
  • Chris Carpenter also managed a 30lb mirror which he caught from peg 4 on Cell.
  • Glen Turner managed three fish this weekend, which included mirrors weighing 29lb 8oz, 26lb 11oz along with a sub twenty.
  • Simon Longhurst managed 4 fish during his Easter session, two mirrors weighing 25lb 5oz and 24lb 12oz and two commons weighing 27lb and 22lb 4oz. Simon fished peg 9 also catching on Cell baits with PVA bag and pellet.

Two recent catches from Bury Hill Fisheries, Surrey

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries

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