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Bury Hill Fisheries | Catch Report | Temple throws up more 30’s despite hot weather


Despite the recent hot weather, Temple Lake at Bury Hill Fisheries has continued to throw up a good number of thirties reported over the last week or so.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportFishing his annual five-day session on Temple last week, regular Mark Savage managed 5 fish which included a stunning BIG mirror weighing 36lb as well as mirrors of 26lb and 27lb along with two commons weighing 22lb and 23lb. Fishing pegs 9 and 10, Mark fished Mainline IBs tipped on a snow man presentation with a red 10 mil pop up seeped in cream with a pink avid sight stop tight to the island margins. Baiting was heavier than usual with IBs as the conditions were very hot with all the fish showing signs of being spawned out. After failing to catch on his usual long hook length, Mark changed to fish a size 12 long shank on a snow man presentation with a short hook length. It pays to do something a little different and for those who are catching bream, increase the size of the hair.

Dave Mckeown also had a good session on Temple a week ago catching a brace of mirrors weighing 27lb 10oz and 31lb 9oz. Fishing peg 14, Dave caught both his fish simultaneously. He was playing a fish on his right hand rod and as he got the fish in front of the swim his middle rod ripped off, thinking the line had been picked up by the fish he had on, he dropped the rod off the buzzer and opened the bail arm whilst he carried on playing the first fish. After landing and returning his stunning 27lb 10oz Mirror, Dave then decided to sort out the middle rod which had a slack line, once he tightened back up he realized there was another fish hooked which had given him the run whilst playing the first fish, luckily this fish was also landed OK weighing 31lb 9oz. So two fish in 5 mins?

Dave caught both his fish tight to the island margins on 14mm Cell tipped with white fake corn which he fished over a small bag of crushed cell with 30 freebies. Pictures of Daves fish are shown below.

Adam McGinnis was another angler to have a good session on Temple last week fishing peg 14. Starting his session on SAE Bait Developments B1, Adam landed a stunning 27lb 4oz mirror before losing 2 fish which prompted him to switch to a new bait, SAE Bait Developments B2 (which he is prototyping) which resulted in a further three fish, all mirrors weighing 24lb 14oz, 25lb 14oz and the much sort after Double Row Linear at 31lb dead. Adam also lost one further fish. During his session Adam fed 7kg of boilie resulting in 7 runs and 4 fish, which again goes to show that heavy feeding can trigger the fish to feed. Pictures of Adams fish are shown below in weight order starting with the 31lb Linear.

Paul Harrison was another angler to find success on Temple catching 3 fish, 2 of which were pb's. His 3rd visit, having blanked on the previous 2, Paul opted to fish peg 12 and pretty soon had fish showing over his baits, but after two days he still had no carp to show for his efforts. Having decided to stay on an extra 24 hours, Paul was quickly rewarded when a pristine common weighing 19lb graced his net. This fish was caught from one of the spots that fish had been showing for 2 days, and it fell to a snowman rig, with a B1 Bottom bait and a contrast boilie pop-up, which is a great combination. Later that evening Paul was rewarded with a new PB, a stunning mirror weighing 27lb 8 oz (almost a leather but with a few scales) which fell to a contrast boilie snowman rig. The hat trick came at 5.00am the next morning from the same rod when Paul landed a stunning 30lb 8 oz mirror which was yet another personal best. This too was caught on a contrast boilie snowman rig. Pictures of Pauls 30lb 8oz and 27lb 8oz mirros are shown below.

Turning to the Old Lake, catches have really picked up following the recent hot weather with the last few days seeing a flurry of activity which has seen a number of anglers reporting multiple bags of up to a 18 fish per session which has included a few twenties, which is a good sign for those fishing this weeks 24 hours carp open on Saturday/Sunday.

Old Lake regular Sean Tilling had a cracking session this week catching 17 fish to 23lb 7oz which included three fish weighing 19lb plus. Sean fish the front bank catching on Cell over 3 kilo of pellet.  Another angler to report a sleepless night was Karl Harris who managed 15 fish during his session on peg 4, which also included a 22lb common and a number of upper doubles.

Anyone wanting to fish this weekends Carp open on the Old Lake, we have a pair of tickets still available, please contact the tackle shop for further details and to book your place.

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries

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