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2014 Silverfish angling festival at Maver Larford Lakes


Maver are delighted to announce the 2014 Silverfish festival at Maver Larford Lakes. The event, which has proven very popular in recent years, is scheduled to take place over a five day period starting on Monday 24th February and finishing on Friday 28th February. The competition will cater for a total of 44 anglers fishing in four sections of 11 each day and will take place on the Specimen lake.

2014 Silverfish festival at Maver Larford LakesEntry will cost £130 per man (inc. peg fee) with the overall winner being determined by way of a cumulative points system. In the event of a tie, weight will be used as the deciding factor.

To book your place, call Maver (UK) on 01527 406 300.

Competition Format

As per the 2013 event, silverfish only will count, but if a carp is caught, 1lb per carp (regardless of actual size) will be allowed towards an angler's overall weight. Carp must be put into a separate keepnet and two further nets must be used to retain silverfish catches.

The draw will commence at 09:00am on Monday 24th February 2014 for the five day permutation. Having completed the draw, anglers will be fishing each day against 11 anglers in their section. Two days will be on the Speci burr bank, two days on the Speci chalet bank with the final day being a random draw. No bloodworm or joker allowed. Fishery feed pellets only.

Fishing will commence 10:30am - 3:30pm each day.

Places are limited, so don't delay in booking your place!


Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th & Friday 28th.

Deadline for bookings and payment is WEDNESDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2014. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE.

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