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Kilnsey Park Estate Fly Fishery and Trout Farm | fishery report Jan 2014


This is the first fishery report from Kilnsey Park Estate Fly Fishery and Trout Farm. Kilnsey Park Estate has gone from strength to strength over the last year with a lot of fresh new ideas and positive changes on the fishery to report on.

Kilnsey Park Estate Fly Fishery report

Golden Trout Back Again

In November 2013 we started stocking Golden Trout again.

After each clear-out, we now restock a few of them in each lake - all at 8lb+.

Keith Hudson's 17.4lb Kilnsey Record

Early in 2013, Keith held the Kilnsey Fly Fishery record with a monster rainbow. Record Broken Again by Anthony Smiths 21lb catch in July 2013. We only stocked this fish on the morning it was caught, and we weighed it when we stocked it (at slightly over 21lb) as it was obviously going to beat Keith's record.

The boards on the pier where it was caught and pictured are 6" wide with 1" gaps, so the fish is well over 30" long! We have a good number of fish growing on to this size, so maybe it will be broken again in 2014.

Extended Fishing Opening Times

Since spring 2013 we have been opening our shop from 7.30am for ticket sales, teas, coffees, fly sales and breakfast orders. We also now open the fishery from 7am to 7pm during July and August, and from 7.30am to 5.30pm throughout the rest of the year - light permitting. We also open until 8.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May to the end of August.

Please note though that our shop & cafe are closed until 14th February, but teas & coffee's are available at all times to anglers at the Processing Unit

On the maintenance side

We have replaced the entire pier walkway and added a few more casting platforms. We have also removed one of the fish-holding cages to give a wider area to cast into from the pier.

So what’s coming up in the next few months?

After the Any Method, we will be stocking regularly with Blue trout. They will make up around 25% of total stocking, with the rest being made up from our standard 2.5 to 4lb rainbows, and a mix of 4 to 17lb fish stocked twice a week.

Any Method Clearout

Our next Any Method Clear-out is on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th February, and once out of the way we will add new dates for another clear-out in June, which will start with Fly-Only sessions followed by an Any Method session.

Places will again be offered first to those redeeming Loyalty Cards.

Troutmaster Fish Off

On Friday 21st February we will be holding our first Troutmaster fish-off, for those who were entered in the Trout Fisherman magazine with a Kilnsey big fish. The winner of the competition gets entry to the national fish-off.

New Web Pages Coming

We will be adding recipe pages, a page on the history of fishing at Kilnsey, links to local pubs, food and accommodation and also new pages dedicated to our Trout Farm.

So what will be included in the next newsletter?

There will be stocking info, giving specific dates for Brown Trout introductions and more through the spring. Info on up-coming events through the summer, and info on Kilnsey Park and the Grand Depart - the first stage of the tour-de-France goes right past the lakes.

Source: Kilnsey Park Estate Fly Fishery and Trout Farm

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