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Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo fishing specific Sunglasses review


A decent pair of sunglasses can be a god send when fishing in bright conditions. Some anglers even claim that a decent set of sunglasses is equally important as your rod, line and tackle. Being able to see the fish you're after is often significantly more than half the battle when trying to catch them. We were delighted therefore to be sent a pair of Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo Sunglasses to review, courtesy of Shade Station.

Oakley Feul Cell Sunglasses

Oakley Feul Cell Sunglasses: Manufacturers Description

The Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses are a design for men that boast a sleek and smooth style yet also create a bold statement and allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd! Fusing a fine blend of art and technology, the Fuel Cell sunglasses are perfect for those who like to assert their presence without the need to be too overstated.

The sunglasses are designed with a slightly wrapped fit and feature a thick and durable yet lightweight O Matter frame which is enhanced by the effect of the Oakley Three-Point Fit structure that provides maximum comfort. We tested the camo style but the frames are also available in neutral colours such as polished black, brown smoke and brown tortoiseshell or for something a little bolder, frame colours including polished clear and polished black with a blue Oakley logo for an effective pop of colour are also in the offering.

The two lenses are cut from a single shield of pure Plutonite and precisely placed in the frame to maintain the original and streamlined contour. Peripheral vision is fully maximised with the Fuel Cell sunglasses due to the Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry and UV filtering provides protection from UVA, UVB and UVC light. Some styles within the Fuel Cell collection also feature an iridium lens coating which reduces glare and tunes light transmission and polarised lenses for enhanced glare reduction and the ultimate in visual quality.


So, the manufacturers description is rather technical to say the least but we wanted to know if they hit the spot with regards to comfort, style and performance.

1. Comfort:
I loved the feel of these Oakley Sunglasses from Shade Station. Unlike many sunglasses I have worn, I wasn't constantly repositioning them on the head and almost forgot I was wearing them. The wrap-around style provides all round cover for your eyes even when looking up and down. They grip your head well without being in the slightest bit uncomfortable.

2. Performance
These sunglasses performed really well when we tested them on a day with mixed sunshine and cloudy periods. Everything remained clear and in focus (even when the sun went in) and there was no glare from the sun. These Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses seemed great at filtering out light, images remained crisp with great clarity/definition and colours seemed true to life.

3. Style:
Excellent. The unmistakeable Oakley logo on both sides of the glasses indicates you are wearing a stylish and classy pair of glasses and with camo being the choice of wear for many anglers these days, these Shade Station stock Oakley fishing sunglasses are sure to hit the mark with anglers, particularly carp and game anglers who really need a decent pair of shades to inspect the water carefully when stalking their prey.


Prices and where to buy:

The Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses are available to buy online at

£112.00 with FREE delivery

Available frame and lens colours:
Visit Shade Station's website for a full list of Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses' frame and lens colours.

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