Friday, 01 May 2015 15:44

Bury Hill Fisheries April carp catches see another 5 thirties caught


Despite the continuing easterly winds, April continues to produce some cracking thirties from both Temple and the Old Lake. Interestingly, most of these fish have been caught during the day, whilst many have put on a huge amount of weight over the winter months and are now at record weights.

Bury Hill Fisheries

Traditionally May is the month of the thirties, so expect to see more thirties reported over the coming weeks and possibly a few surprises with a couple of Temple’s fish almost certainly over the magical 40lb mark.

Phil Kingsbury had a brilliant session last week catching not one, but two stunning Temple thirties during a short session. A 30 lb plus common, which was followed by a truly stunning 35 lb plus mirror (see photos below). Phil caught the common from swim 4 and the mirror from swim 14 casting to the island. Both fish where caught on 15mm Dynamite Monster Tiger nut boilies presented with a small pva bag of crumbed Tiger nut boilie on a running lead, a short length of Gardener 15lb Sly Skin and a size 6 Gardener covert Talon tip wide Gape hook.

Another angler to get amongst the thirties last week was David Wilson who landed a mint 32 lb 2 oz common (see photo below) and another of 21 lb 8 oz during a one-day session fishing the margins either side of peg 12 with home-made boilies and loose feeding sweet corn.

Another thirty to fall to a day session angler on Temple was a lovely 32 lb 8 oz mirror (see photo below), which was caught by Clive Elson from swim 15 on a Mainline Cell wafter. This fish was caught at around 25 lb last September, so it shows how much weight the young Temple fish are putting on. Clive also had a 20 lb 8 oz common on an overnighter a couple of days later on the same tactics from swim 7.

Turning to the Old Lake, Kirk Nodding was over the moon to end his 3-year quest for both an Old Lake mirror and common over 30lbs after landing this Old Lake warrior at 32 lb 6 oz (see photo below). Fishing the middle of the front bank, Kirk tempted this stunning big mirror just before sunrise with the help of his fishing pal Gavin Raines. Interestingly this is not the Old Lake’s famous ‘Shoulders’ but a new unknown thirty. Congratulations Kirk, now to smash up Temple!

Night fishing on the Old Lake and Temple can only be fished by members of our 'Specimen Carp Club'. We still have a few places available for 2015 for anyone wanting to join, please contact us for further details. Any previous members who still have to rejoin should do so as quickly as possible.

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries

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