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Carp Go On FEEDING FRENZY as spawning ends at Bury Hill Fisheries


Following a very ‘start - stop’ spawning this year, the carp seem to be back on the feed BIG TIME with a number of thirties reported from Temple this week whilst anglers on the Old Lake have been reporting bumper hauls of up to 11 fish which has included a good number of 20’s.

Bury Hill Fisheries

Whilst it has been relatively quiet angler wise over the past couple of weeks, those anglers who have continued fishing have been doing really well and particularly on Temple with pretty much every angler reporting multiple catches during their session which includes a thirty.

Leading the pack on Temple this week was Johnathon Winfield who had a great result over the weekend landing Temple's 'Ghost' at a very impressive 38lbs. The Cheam angler fished peg 4 into open water about half way out. He used a 15mm cell bottom bait over a small bed of bait. Interestingly this was Johnathon’s 1st fish out of Temple! What a great result, well done! (Pictures to follow).

Gary Brown was another angler who had a brilliant session on Temple landing 4 fish from peg 11. He fished from Sunday to Wednesday and his catch included a 30lb 6oz common, one of the fully scaled stockies at 18lb 8oz, the deformed mirror at 19lb 14oz and other mirror at 19lb 10oz. Well done Gary, good angling! All fish are piling on the weight as you can see and spawning hasn't had an effect on their condition!

Fred Roome is currently halfway through his 48 hour session on Temple at the moment and he has got off to a flying start catching 'Friar Tuck' yesterday at 34lb 12oz. As you can see the fish are still in absolutely immaculate condition with no marks from spawning and still at good weights! Fred caught from peg 3 out in open water using squid flavored boilies.

Moving back a week, Rob O'Neill had success landing 3 lovely Temple mirrors. Interestingly all 3 fish were caught by casting to showing fish with runs coming an hour or less after getting a rod onto the spots. Bait used was by Aqua Dynamix, either double 16mm bottom baits or single 12mm pink pop ups. All fish were from peg 11 and weighed 23lb 9oz, 24lb 7oz and 27lb 10oz. Well done Rob, good angling!

Another angler to catch during the spawning period was Paul Pitchley from Croydon landing four fish haul was topped by this mint 30lb mirror from peg 3. Cell boilies were used as bait and the other fish were a mirror of 26lb 12oz as well as commons of 18lb 8oz and 23lb. Nice one Paul, well done!

Turning to the Old Lake, Mark Ramkoleea had a decent session at the weekend. Here are two pics from Friday night, a lovely dark 19lb common (pics attached) and one of 18lb. He had 6 carp in total, all on cell snowmen during a quick overnight session.

Aaron Barnes fished the Old Lake over the weekend and had a 23lb 4oz common from the margins of peg 37. 18mm cell was the bait used. (pic attached)

Rob Shepard from Trowbridge managed a 23lb 8oz common from the Old Lake. He fished a 18mm pineapple boilie in peg 34.

Paul Kerry fished over night Friday on the Old Lake with his son Alex Kerry fishing peg 71, whilst Paul had just one small carp for around double figures, his son Alex fished peg 72 and had his best carp session ever beating his personnel best not once but twice first with a 24lb 6 oz common carp and then with a mirror carp of 27lb. All fish fell to single Cell wafters fished a rod length from the island with loose fed Cell bollies with 20 to 30 added after each fish capture. (pics attached)

Tom Knight had a great session catching 11 fish which included 3 twenties, a 24lb mirror and commons weighing 22lb 11oz and 20lb 5oz. Tom fished peg 36 to the island catching on Icelandic Red

Source: Bury Hill Fisheries

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