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Success for Match This finalist & Daiwa Dorking ace in Maver Pairs competition


The 2015 Maver Pairs fishing competition event witnessed eighty (80) anglers line the banks of Match, Specimen and Arena lakes. The event, which has now firmly established itself as one of Larford's main attractions within the venue's angling calendar, always produces a strong field with this year's event being no exception.

Maver Larford Lakes

Conditions were far from ideal with a band of high pressure to begin with bringing with it very hot and humid weather. Later on in the afternoon, thunderstorms from off the continent rolled in with torrential rain resulting in a very wet finish for competing anglers.

Pairs Result:

Winning pair on the day were Mega Match This finalist, Peter Upperton (Middy) and partner, Rob Taylor (Daiwa Dorking). Both anglers managed to top their respective sections giving them an impressive two point score overall and cumulative weight of 222-05-00 to confirm a comfortable victory. The result was particularly significant for Pete Upperton, who will now go into this year's Mega Match This final having won one of Larford's Premier events, and from off the Match lake to boot!

Finishing in second place with a slim weight advantage over third placed pair were Perry Stone (Spro / Yorkshire Bait) and fellow Yorkshire Baits rod, Rob Hitchins. Perry Stone achieved a single point from peg 4 on the Arena lake weighing in a level 85lbs of carp taken late on to maggot down his edge with partner Rob managing a respectable 4th in section from peg 66 on Specimen lake. This gave the pair a cumulative five point score and a total weight of 124-15-00 to finish narrowly ahead of Aiden Mansfield and Mark Malin.

Aiden and Mark also managed a five point score with Aid picking up three points from end peg 66 on the Match lake coupled with Mark's two point score from peg 80 on the Specimen lake. Aid caught most of his fish down his edge to weigh in 60-04-00 with partner Mark catching well on the pellet waggler. The two ended the day with a cumulative weight of 121-13-00 to secure a main frame finish and £500.

Pos. Pair Pts Total Weight (lbs / oz) Winning
1st Peter Upperton & Rob Taylor 2 222-05-00 £1,000
2nd Perry Stone & Rob Hitchins 5 124-15-00 £750
3rd Aiden Mansfield & Mark Malin 5 121-13-00 £500

Individual Result:

Picking up individual honours on the day was Middy's Kieron Rich. Kieron drew peg 22 on the Speci burr bank and opted to fish the majority of his match with pole and pellet up in the water to end proceedings with an impressive haul tipping the scales a shade over one hundred and thirty pounds at 133-02-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Daiwa Dorking's Rob Taylor. Rob drew peg 44 on the Speci chalet bank and caught late on down his edge with meat to weigh in 131-01-00.

Third placed individual on the day was Ryan Lidgard. Ryan drew peg 52 on the Speci chalet bank and caught on pole and pellet up in the water for the durtation of the match to weigh in 123-06-00.

Pos. Angler Peg / Lake Weight (lbs / oz)
1st Kieron Rich 22 / Speci 133-02-00
2nd Robert Taylor 44 / Speci 131-01-00
3rd Ryan Lidgard 52 / Speci 123-06-00


Source: Larford Lakes

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