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Hotbox Self Heating Meals


Introducing the new and revolutionary HOTBOX Self Heating Meals to the UK
You can now eat and enjoy a hot meal whenever and wherever you desire. Self Heating Meals technology is without doubt the most exciting area of the rapidly developing "food on the go" marketplace, and Hotbox has been designed with this in mind. There are no sachets of water to add, there are no “spikes” needed to activate the product--- you simply turn the box over and push the button to activate the Self Heating mechanism.

Self heating meals from HotboxHOTBOX are ready-to-eat, Self Heating Meals. The heating source is situated in the packaging itself and no external heat is required. HOTBOX is both simple and ingenious. It harnesses the natural heat derived from the chemical reaction between calcium and water. The actual heating source is separate from the food and is located on the bottom of the packaging. All you need to do is press firmly on the bottom of the outer side of the box, return it to its initial position and within 12-15 minutes your meal is hot. Heating will continue for approximately 15 – 20 minutes so that the meal remains hot and are therefore perfectly suited for outdoor as well as indoor consumption.

HOTBOX provides the consumer with a whole range of possibilities and offers a wide range of choices, saving on electricity and gas costs as well as minimising downtime when preparing and cooking your meal. Hotbox Self Heating Food is ideal for Camping Food, Food for Fishing, Caravan Food, Survival Food and any Outdoor Activity Food requirements. The current Hotbox Self Heating Food range consists of Beef Stew, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Con Carne, Ravioli with Tomato Sauce and Curried Beef with Lentils.


Self heating meals from HotboxI've come across these type of self heating meals before and have, despite being initially sceptical, been pretty impressed with the concept and the actual food itself. So how would Hotbox Self Heating meals stack up against the competition?

Despite us being well into May now, the afternoon I decided to spend fishing at Priory Lakes in Surrey was on the cold side with a strong North Westerley wind blowing right into my face. By mid afternoon as I was in need of a hearty meal and some warmth. The first Hotbox meal I tried was their Chilli Con Carni variety. Heating the Hotbox meals is really simple: press the button on the box to start the heating proces, wait 10 minutes or so for the meal to heat thoroughly, open and enjoy. Having waited the required amount of time, I opened the box (which comes complete with fork and napkin) and tucked in. Now I am particularly fussy about my Chilli and I have to say that the Hotbox meal was really very tasty ... not as good as mine, but much better than I was expecting from a meal in a box.

The meal was well heated through and the was extremely convenient for outdoor use (such as when fishing). There is no fiddling around pouring water onto a heater pad to activate it, everything is contained within one easy to use box ! Purely in terms of research (not because I am a greedy so and so), I also tried the Beef Stew which was equally as good as the Chiili.

To sum up, I would highly recommend Hotbox self heating meals to anyone who wants a convenient, tasty hot meal in any situation where there is no access to cooking facilities.


Prices and where to Buy:

  • 6 Meals @ £3.33 per meal Delivered
  • 10 Meals @ £3.00 per meal Delivered
  • 20 Meals @ £2.75 per meal Delivered
  • 600 Meals @ £2.50 per meal Delivered

For more information or to purchase Hotbox Self Heating Meals onlin, please visit their website at: >


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