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Pulborough Angling Society Fishery Report :: September 2009


Catch Reports

18 September 2009

Jon Taylor fished Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 18th September, fishing the pole with pellet on the hook, Jon tempted four Chub to 3-0-0, plus Crucians, Tench, Roach & Bream and also lost a good Carp.

12 September 2009

Martin Sutton fished Moor Farm bottom lake on the 12th September and sends the following report;
Arriving at Moor Farm I was pleasantly surprised to see another angler had already arrived, as the past few weeks have been very quiet.  During the morning several more cars came and around 10 anglers were fishing during the time I was there.  The morning was fine but a little breezy and so there was no sign of movement on the surface.  I decided to fish the Bottom Lake on peg 6 and set one rod up with a controller float and floating dog biscuit.  This wasn’t touched and, as it kept drifting back to the bank, I changed it over to a small feeder and fished close in.  The other rod was set up with a Method feeder and a variety of soft paste pellets including bacon grill, halibut and meat flavours. 

The bites came quickly and then there were periods of complete inactivity.  At the end of a 4 hour session I had landed 6 Common carp, largest being 3lb 8ozs, all of which fought hard, as Moor Farm carp do, and a equally hard fighting Tench of 1lb 12ozs.  Another very pleasant way to spend a morning and infinitely preferable to the gardening tasks which I reluctantly had to return home to complete.

6 September 2009

Mark Dibble fished the River Rother at Hardham on 6th September. Despite recent rain leaving a tinge of colour in the water, Mark tried a couple of swims but was unable to catch. He did however get the odd bite in both swims.

4 September 2009

Martin Sutton fished Moor Farm bottom lake on the 4th September and sends the following report;
The day started with a very autumnal feel.  The sky was clear and the wind was quite light, but the temperature was down several degrees on previous morning.  Setting up on the bank I could see several fish moving close to the surface.  I set one rod up with a controller float and the other with a Method feeder.  It was slow to begin with and then the north westerly wind became blustery and as the cloud bubbled up so the temperature was rising and falling.

The top rod arched around and I connected with a lovely Common carp, taken off the surface and weighing in at 4lbs 15ozs.  It went quiet again and then bites came on both rods, so clearly the fish were feeding on the surface and the bottom.  From around 1130 onwards it was a fish every 10 minutes or so.  Unfortunately, I had to stop at 1230 but the end result was 6 Commons and a Tench.  Once again, Moor Farm has shown what it can deliver.

1 September 2009

Mark Dibble fished the River Rother upstream of Hardham on the 1st September. His third outing to the river in a little over a week finally produced a decent fish on his third cast. The 6lb 1oz Bream fell to a legered pellet using a PVA bag of pellets for feed. Despite trying two more swims Mark never had another bite, although again he did spot some good sized Chub & a bigger fish he was unable to identify in the low clear water.

30 August 2009

Vice Chairman, Terry Goodwin, fished Canada Lake at Goose Green on the 30th August, Terry who ledgered bread crust caught six Carp as follows
Common Carp of 2lb.12ozs, 3lb 12ozs, 7lb 8ozs, 3lb 10ozs, 3lb 4ozs and a Mirror Carp of 4lb 4ozs, in Terry's own words "not huge but good fun".

29 August 2009

Mark Dibble returned to the River Rother at Hardham on 29th August to see if he could improve on his last outing there. After trying several swims improve he did with a very colourful Chub of about a pound. Mark also spotted a couple of better Chub plus a good sized Carp & Sea Trout in the clear water.

25 August 2009

Ray Clark was out and about again on the 25th of August, this time electing to fish peg 75 on Deep Lake at Goose Green, once again Ray was fishing with just the top three of his pole with pellet/corn on the hook, his catch comprised Gudgeon, Tench, Crucians, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers Carp to 1-8-0 and three Chub, the best of which topped the scales at 4-0-0.

Match Results

Arun Angling Trophy - 20 September 2009

Fished by 13 anglers at Moor Farm, the result was;
 1st Nigel Aldridge, 31.6 kg (69-11-0) 28 carp to method feeder and maggot/corn.
2nd Brian Miller 26.5 kg (58-7-0), 18 carp to pellet waggler.
3rd Robbie Easton 18.3 kg (40-6-0) 16 carp to pellet feeder and maggot.
4th Chris Coole 17.7 kg (39-0-0) 9 carp to pole and cat meat/paste.

Barfoot Cup - 6 September 2009

1st Adam Tester (peg 34) 9.05 kg (19-14-0) 1 carp plus bream to pole and corn over pellet.
2nd Fergus Penfold (peg 27) 7.55 kg (16-10-0) 3 carp to pole and pellet up in water.
3rd Shaun Groves (peg 26) 6.9 kg (15-3-0) 2 carp and skimmers to corn on tip.
4th Alan Chandler (peg 42) 6.65 kg (14-11-0) 2 carp (lost 2) to pole and corn.

Tom Barber Memorial - 30 August 2009

1st Paul Holden, 5.68 kg (12-8-0) roach and dace to waggler.
2nd Dudley Chandler, 5.62 kg (12-6-0) roach and dace to long rod and maggot.
3rd Graham Stubbs, 4.6 kg (10-2-0) roach and dace to waggler and maggot.
4th Robbie Easton 4.0 kg (8-13-0).

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