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George Mason spent over 30 years of his life working in factory and whilst the money was handy and the banter wit his colleagues was most enjoyable, every day without exception, he yearned to be on the riverbank. Eventually the inevitable sword of redundancy swung his way and he vowed that once he was out of the factory, he would never work in another. With this in mind, he retrained as a freelance writer and he has now been able…
“This lovely book chronicles the rustic ramblings of two extraordinary characters through a Britain that has all but disappeared, where there is still a real quality of life and man is altogether kinder to his fellow man”. Chris Tarrant “Invigorating . . . a most refreshing read.” Ronnie Corbett "They may look like poachers and talk like rogues, but ‘the Bart’ and ‘the Bounder’ are impeccably classy chroniclers of Britain ’s rural traditions… Like a pair of disreputable Victorian villains……
CARP, BARBEL AND PAELLA A Guide to Fishing in Andalucia - By James Clear Description: A chance day trip to a reservoir near Ronda in the province of Cadiz, revolutionised James's views on fishing in the Spanish region of Andalucia. Despite spending many holidays in southern Spain, he had never considered the untapped potential for fishing in this stunning part of the world. This day trip got him thinking and having decided to research the subject, it soon became apparent…


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