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30 Plus Genomic Carp Fishing Hooks

Written by  Paul Orford
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30 Plus Genomic Carp Fishing Hooks:

UK Fisherman has negotiated an exclusive deal with Ecceleston Angling Centre to bring you these superb carp fishing hooks from the 30 plus range.

Normally retailing at £2.50 per pack, all UK Fisherman readers can purchase a pack for £2.00, SAVING 50p.

** Discount only available to our readers **

All you have to do is hit the "buy now" button below which will redirect you to Eccleston Angling Centre's website. Please ensure you enter the coupon code UK Fisherman during the check out process to receive your discount.

30 Plus Camo Genomic Carp Hooks30 Plus Camo Genomic Carp Hooks

These are the first hooks designed to truly fool carp. These new strong 110 carbon, chemically sharpened are available in both barbed and barbless versions.

There are three camo patterns per packet for you to experiment with and each packet contains six hooks. 2 Reed Green patterns, 2 Mud/Gravel brown patterns and 2 Silt Black patterns.

RRP £2.50 - Special UK Fisherman offer £2.00

30 Plus Genomic Bottom Bait Micro Barbed30 Plus Genomic Bottom Bait Micro Barbed

Offers a hook suitable for both bottom and pop-presentations. It has a slight out-turn at the point that will aid hooking when used in conjunction with a semi-fixed bolt rig bottom bait presentation.

RRP £2.50 - Special UK Fisherman offer £2.00

30 Plus Genomic Surface Barbless30 Plus Genomic Surface Barbless

Available in three sizes, 6 - 8 and 10. This barbless pattern has been especially crafted for the floater angler and compliments the use of Chum Mixers and other surface baits. The Genomic Barbless Surface Hook is a dull bronze colour and features a Twin Etched process hook point. This pattern also offers a med-straight shank and is an eyed pattern. This is the ideal pattern for the surface angler but can also be used in conjunction with smaller particle baits for bottom bait presentations, like maize or tiger nuts. These hooks are very sharp and again as with our other two patterns, has a very slight out-turn on the hook point. Each of the three sizes comes packed in sixes on a point-protector backing card and with the added bonus of six free 30 Plus Eazy Bands to use with floating hook baits.

RRP £2.50 - Special UK Fisherman offer £2.00

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