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Carp start feeding at Bury Hill Fisheries as temperatures rise!


Following a week of better weather and increasing temperatures, both Temple and the Old Lake saw anglers reporting some hefty catches over recent days with both lakes seeing the fish switch back on and start to feed more intensely as water temperatures started to nudge back up.

Bury Hill Fisheries fishery reportFishing close to the islands and margins seem to be where the majority of the fish are getting caught from, although the Old Lake also saw plenty of fish taken from the open water. With natural foods also increasing as water temperatures rise, the winning method at present on both lakes is to fish good quality boilies tipped with a small bit of pink over a bed of bait.

All the lakes are looking good for the coming bank holiday weekend and with temperatures set to increase a little further over the next few days, expect to see some good catches reported.

Lee Norman had a great 72hr session last week when he fished peg 12 fishing up the channel and tight to island landing 4 fish on Cell and Icelandic Red. Catching mirrors weighing 21lb 8oz and 21lb 10oz and a 21lb 40z common, the highlight of Lee’s session was a stunning new PB in the shape of a 33lb 12oz common.

Last weekend saw some great sport for two Temple regulars Dave Hopkins and Kevin Nash with both anglers reporting multi bags. Fishing swim 11, Dave Hopkins fished 18mm Cell boilies tipped with yellow corn tight to the island over a few loose baits catching a brace of mirrors weighing 32lb 4oz and 25lb 10oz as well as a 23lb 7oz common.  

Dave’s brother in law Kevin Nash fished next door in swim 12 and soon after casting out Kevin was quickly into a lively 23lb 11oz mirror carp which was followed by a 26lb 2oz PB common and a brace of mirrors weighing 25lb 1oz, 27lb 4oz. See pictures below. All of Kevin’s carp were caught fishing tight to the island margins using a snowman boilie presentation.

Aaron Smith also had a 30, a mirror of 32 lb 7 oz, along with other fish of 28 lb and 21 lb. All took 18 mm and 15 mm Cell combinations with yellow corn cast tight to lilies and reeds over a handful of freebies at peg 9. Another angler to catch was Terry Wood, from Sutton, who had a 26 lb mirror from peg 7 on 10 mm and 15 mm CC Moore Live System boilies fished as a snowman.

The Old Lake carp are also firmly in a feeding mood, as Gary Nichols found out when he landed 30 fish including a common of 27 lb. Gary, from Leatherhead, started at peg 15 and later moved to peg 2, catching fish of between 12 lb and 19 lb in addition to the big common, all on half a Mainline Cell boilie over a scattering of Cell freebies.

Another great catch from the Old Lake was Si Watters cracking boat caught 29lb common from the jungle. Fishing with his buddy Dan Roberts, Si caught the stunning big 29lb common when the pair shared a boat for the day. Fishing the top end of the jungle, the big common fell to a balanced Cell boilie with Cell pop up combination, which was presented on a ledger rig. In all the pair landed 5 fish in total, which included three upper doubles.

Old Lake regular Mark Potterton, from Westcott, landed seven carp of between 15 lb and 20 lb, the biggest a 23 lb common. Mark was fishing the far margins from peg 2 using SAE Bait Developments B1 boilies tipped with Scuds, and he loose fed a kilo of freebies.

Frank Davison, from Guildford, landed six carp to 22 lb 8 oz float fishing meat from peg 49 whilst Frank Wenman, from Godalming, caught five carp, the biggest a common of 23 lb, along with bream and tench. He fished peg 35 and cast tight to the island with Cell baits tipped with Banoffee pop-ups.

Source: Bury Hill Fisaheries

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