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How To Defeat Mainline Cell Carp Boilies & Other Established Ready Made Food Baits!


You can outrageously beat Mainline Cell boilies; or even improve on them by adapting their nutritional profiles, improving their excess free amino acid availability enormously, exploit various special base mix treatments, do finished bait treatments and do far more than this to truly optimise such ready made baits for genuinely maximised performance in low temperatures in winter or in high summer temperatures, in low pH lakes or in high pH lakes! Optimising any ready made bait is of paramount importance, and understanding baits by discovering design principles, key concepts, and more enables you to catch far more fish than standard bait users!

Tim Richardson: Bait Big FishDo you want to do far better against competing anglers using top readymade baits? So many anglers today are stuck in a rut of constantly buying readymade baits which do not give them an edge because so many other anglers are using that very same bait or are using very similar baits! But the exact point of bait is to maximise your chances of getting most bites as fast as possible, and why not!

How many times have you bought into the idea that the next wonder bait on the market will give you that edge and then found that it is simply another edge that thousands have jumped onto? If you buy readymade baits then this is your situation each and every time you move onto a newly marketed bait. The ideal situation is when you present carp permanently with new experiences each time you go fishing so even though you are highly successful all the time the fish simply never catch up with whatever version of new bait you are using.

The fact is that the bait industry wants you to buy as much bait as possible and part of how they do this is selling you on the idea that your bait must give fish a reward, be a food bait carrying a premium high price tag. But if you think that food bait is the ultimate in boilies then you are very mistaken! For example, how much soya must be packing out so many of these baits sold for as little as 5 pounds a kilogram? This really demonstrates how inferior their excess free amino acid-driven feeding trigger potency truly is! Do not measure a bait by cost per kilogram.

Measure a bait by its true feeding trigger density per kilogram. You might even remember a time when a pound of milk protein boilies caught as many as 10 kilograms of fish meal boilies. Well that says it all in terms of relative feeding trigger density. You only need to introduce many kilograms of bait if it is massively under-optimised for feeding trigger density!

So many ready made so-called food baits are a massive waste of money. You can do far better making your own, but truly optimised for feeding trigger density, functional practical physical diffusion pump ion exchange feeding trigger and attractor concentrations – with the right information and help OK!

Readymade boilies have one primary purpose for the commercial bait maker; to make a profit. To do this they must first be in a form, with features and characteristics that catch you! I have yet to find a readymade bait which is genuinely optimised for function and truly maximised for performance. The reason for this is clear; it would probably kill sales immediately, as such a bait would cost a fortune per kilogram, and secondly the modes of actions and format of such bait mean they are by definition unstable, and by no means as simple to use as a hard round or barrel boilie straight out of a packet.

Another fact is that readymade boilies are predominantly made to last a minimum of at least 12 to 36 hours intact in water. Most carp anglers have no idea that such bait that lasts this long intact are lifeless exceptionally poor baits in terms of true potential for inducing maximum feeding responses! The bait companies seem to keep this little fact very quiet!

The situation is now so extreme in terms of conditioning of the public that anglers actually now believe that washing out ready made before using them is better! This is simply insane as it shows that baits used like this have already blown!

Using a completely unique homemade bait is a stunning solution endlessly more effective, but only when you design such homemade baits using totally new paradigms of design instead of not old-fashioned food bait ideas most commercial bait makers are stuck in a rut with!

I and my ebook readers and 1-1 personal bait tuition clients out-fish washed out Cell etc incredibly consistently again and again with our unique design homemade baits. (Email me about this at my site Baitbigfish if you want to do this too!) I only mention cell as so many anglers have been conditioned by advertorials and peer pressure etc into thinking it is the best bait in the world when it is far from it! (In fact if it was so good it would not need replacing with new baits brought out and would not need to be used as washed out baits having blown!) Having said that Mainline make great baits, but they can be beaten by homemade made baits with ease I assure you!

This year I have more and more been refining my one - to - one personal bait tuitions to make readymade baits irrelevant in my clients big carp fishing. This is done by empowering them fast and simply with a crystal clear basis for creating truly optimised for maximised feeding homemade baits, but not clinging to out-date paradigms of instant over-flavoured type baits or food bait nutritional paradigms which are both under-optimised in many ways on many levels, but by teaching new paradigms.

Most carp anglers think of boilies in terms of objects which have very typical features and characteristics, and anglers feel very safe with these because they appear to them to be successful. However there are very few carp anglers that have done the amount of comparative analysis required to prove that typical readymade baits can be beaten by other formats of baits repeatedly, without any pre-baiting whatsoever. Also you really can beat so-called food baits without using old school over flavouring using concentrated flavours, and without using old school high nutritional value or balanced nutrient value theories, which although work are not the pinnacle of what an individual can achieve today!

The baits you see as colour images in the magazines are fake, an illusion, because what matters in truth is what you cannot see. So for example the reactions of bait substances in combination (which interact upon each other like salts enhancing amino acids for example in solution, reacting with carp receptors with more impact; carp baits in truth are solution components actively reacting together unlocking carp receptor proteins so messages via the nervous system and brain transmit via hormones and amino acid releases which directly alter mood, brain and body chemistry firing muscle fibres to enable carp to feed!

Baits are not the solid round or barrel or cylinder shaped objects that the average guy on the bank imagines them to be! Are you in that mindset too? When you think of bait do you see solid objects in your minds eye? Think again about what bait truly is and it will lead to great results and personal breakthroughs in your fishing believe me!

I recently got back into big carp fishing after spending the majority of the last 6 years testing bait substances, levels, combinations, reactions within baits, and in water, in different waters, in different conditions, and much much more. I have taken just a small number of these refinements to big carp waters, and using homemade baits I have never made before nor tested ever, I have had in 4 short sessions on different day ticket waters two twenty nine pound carp, and five thirty pound carp including a thirty seven plus, and a forty pound twelve ounce mirror. The biggest fish were not caught by baiting in advance with food baits and were not caught using high levels of concentrated favours.

The homemade baits were simply based on a small number of top factors I have gleaned from all my bait testing over the past 6 years, and in 4 different short sessions to waters completely new to me using each time totally new unique baits, the biggest fish were caught on the first or second day or night. This was notably simply using a handful of hook baits, and a very small volume of PVA and other free baits.

By contrast, anglers fishing alongside me were fishing either having already baited with many kilograms of food baits like Mainline Cell, costing a fortune, or used some other brand of boilie and used large amounts in previous sessions to get fish onto their bait.

I was suckered into the old school HNV or BNV bait theory as being the best, but it is not. Since such baits in readymade format can be beaten so easily with very simply baits there is absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of carp anglers have no idea they are wasting a huge amount of money by allowing their perceptions to be skewed by flashy adverts, colourful fast paced videos with trendy street music etc, and all the advertorials within the fishing magazines etc.

I am an advocate of freedom in its many forms, and carp are free to dynamically evolve individually, right down to genetic level in response to readymade baits as these are their dominant threat, despite being a supplementary nutrition source on many severely over-stocked waters.

If it is controversial to write about homemade baits of different formats alternative to the stereotypical format of machine rolled readymade boilies then so what; I am walking the talk, and so are my readers of my bait secrets ebooks. I do not put absolutes in my ebooks simply because I want you to evolve in your own best way harnessing however you think and perceive, using your own personal unique advantages and bringing them all into your bait designs, bait application approaches and personal fishing evolution.

All this and more brings further speeded-up and enhanced personal growth of skills and awareness and capacity to achieve more as an angler with constantly improving success as a result of being different to the herd in your awareness and thinking and skills levels, being more and more refined in how you think, and following that very directly, far more refined in whatever you do in your fishing practices!

Opening your mind and being different to the crowd is not a risk in modern carp fishing. It is and always has been the key to exceptional success! Success in carp fishing is more a path of constant personal refinements of baits, and skills and understanding and awareness in response to the fact that our baits and rigs dynamically actively condition fish fear responses (and their consequential changes in fish behaviours by association.) The most consistent carp fishing success is not about short cuts or gimmicks but in seeking the truth about principles and keys which with thinking are like doorways to always keeping ahead of your fish!

With every refinement you become aware of or make subconsciously in your mind and in your fishing, you bring exceptional success that bit closer, and you are evolving, just as carp are evolving to combat your mindset and entrenched thinking which needs to be in the future and not what has worked in the past – or even last month; carp evolve fast! As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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