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From soap stars to tackle makers … Angling Trust and Fish Legal announce 20 new Ambassadors


Twenty anglers from the world of TV, journalism, F1 and the angling industry have agreed to become Ambassadors for the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

Angling Trust fishing newsThey include EastEnders’ star and carp fanatic Scott Maslen, The Big Fish Off winner James Stokoe, ex-Formula 1 Technical Director Ross Brawn, journalist and author Charles Clover, Carp Talk magazine owner Bev Clifford, and England international fly-fisher Lisa Isles.

The 20 new faces join a celebrated list of Ambassadors that includes ex-England footballer David Seaman, comedian Paul Whitehouse, Commonwealth gold medal winner Dean Macey, TV presenter and photographer Henry Gilbey, and writer and broadcaster Matt Hayes who all support the work of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal and our efforts to create a strong, unified voice to protect fish and fishing.

The Angling Trust was formed in 2009 and now employs 55 members of staff. As the national governing body for angling in England, the Trust represents anglers at every level, campaigning for fish and fishing in sea and freshwater, developing participation in angling and managing national and international competitions and teams.

Fish Legal takes action through the courts to protect its member clubs and fisheries from environmental damage and other issues which impact on fishing. The expert in-house legal team has recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages and costs from polluters over the past seven years.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal said: “We are very grateful to all these high profile supporters for agreeing to become Ambassadors for the Angling Trust and Fish Legal to help encourage more people to join us.

“All our campaigning and legal work is funded by membership subscriptions, donations and legacies, all of which are steadily growing as more and more anglers, clubs and fisheries support the unified body for all angling. Our organisations make a real difference at a national and local level, but we need more support.”

The 20 new Ambassadors are: James Stokoe, Robin Morley, Charles Clover, Steve Rowley, Scott Maslen, Budgie Price, Tony King, Trevor Harrop, David Wolsoncroft-Dodds, Lisa Isles, Paul Devlin, Sam Edmonds, Gary Edmonds, Andy Ford, Jo Stephenson, Bev Clifford, Rod Sturdy, Ross Brawn, Barrie Welham and Nigel Horsman.

James Stokoe, The Big Fish Off – Earths Wildest Waters Finalist
“Fishing to me isn't just a sport or hobby it's a lifestyle and has been a huge part of my life since I was 13, without the Angling Trust the new generation of young anglers won't be able to experience what we have so as an angling nation we need to stick together and support this amazing organisation as the future of angling lies in the kids and fish stocks of today! Tight lines.”

Scott Maslen – TV star and carp angler
“I have been fishing all my life and I have got so much pleasure from it.  I think it’s really important that we protect our sport, now and in the future.  The Angling Trust and Fish Legal do a fantastic job protecting fish and fishing and they really need the support of every serious angler.  Please join now and encourage everyone you know to do the same.”

Nigel Horsman – Bass Anglers Sport Fishing Society and campaigner
“When I discovered all was not well with bass I hit the campaign trail. The Angling Trust has been an invaluable partner in that campaign, fighting for the rights of all anglers. The Angling Trust are just as passionate as me about all types of fishing (I also coarse fish and fly fish) and I think it is essential that we all support them in the fight for better fishing for all of us. So please, do as I did and join the AT. It doesn't cost much, especially compared to how much we spend on gear, and it might just improve your fishing far more than the next piece of shiny new tackle you buy!”

Jo Stephenson - Big Fish Off Semi Finalist, Fly Tyer and Guide
“Like most fishing fanatics I want to see our fish and their waterways looked after and protected, not only for me but for the future of fishing, I want to see more young people (and more women) encouraged to pick up a rod and shown how to love and respect our fish and pastime. The Angling Trust is there to do just those things for the benefit of all of us. Every angler should support the Angling Trust and their campaigns or our way of life could become a way of the past.”

Paul Devlin, Managing director, Glasgow Angling Centre
“I believe that all anglers should join and support the Angling Trust & Fish Legal.  Fishing needs a voice strong enough to deal with, not just individual local issues that affect our fishing, but can also be heard on a national level;  a voice that can deal with any UK and EU policies that threaten the future of our recreational fishing. I strongly believe we need to become united to protect what we have and hopefully by doing so we will make things better for future generations.”

Source: Angling Trust Fishing News

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