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Best Lakes for Carp Fishing in the UK


As fishing enthusiasts, we take great care in picking our favorite spots. But sometimes it can be exciting to experience a new place.

Whether you’re looking to relax in nature or you’re after that trophy fish, lakes can offer a unique experience.

Here are eight hidden gems found throughout the UK which are guaranteed to give you a great fishing experience and maybe even become your new favorite spot.

1. Linear Fisheries

The reed-whiskered lakes of Linear Fisheries in Oxford are an impressive sight in terms of both their surface area and contents.

Brasenose One is the main venue, its 32 acres having spawned over 100 mirror carps over the 13.6kg (30lb) mark. Hardwick-Smith is another popular choice for the ultimate fishing experience and even hosts some ghost carp.

If you are aiming for catch goals and have the patience to wait for the big game, pick Manor Farm or St. John’s Lake.

The current record stands at a hefty 23.6kg (52lbs). With that kind of weight in hand, if you’re one of the many people who’ve abandoned the gym, it might be a good idea to lift some weights before you get out on the water and wrestle with the goliaths of the lakes.

The cluster of nine lakes requires an E.A. license for a day pass. It’s dog-friendly and allows anglers to bring up to three rods.

Amenities include disabled access, a bait and tackle shop, and the occasional pike match.

2. Bluebell Lakes

Situated in Peterborough, Bluebell offers some serious angling action.

A number of sizable carps have been caught there, including the late 229kg (64lb) Benson, a national legend in the world of carp fishing. Mallard Lake is the biggest with 20 acres and 40 pegs where you can set up your bivvy. The lushness of the surrounding greenery may not be allergy-friendly, but it’s definitely beautiful to look at.

The venue includes toilet facilities, a tackle shop, and an eatery.

3. Wyreside Lakes

Wyre Lake is one of the most prominent carp fishing waters in northwest England. Located in Lancaster above Manchester, it measures 18 acres and boasts a poundage record of 16.8kg (37lbs).

Pike anglers will also do well here, and some even occasionally catch a chub or tench, a smaller member of the sazan family.

Count a tackle shop and café into the equation, and anglers of all sorts will be drawn to install their carp fishing rods on the grassy banks of Wyreside.

4. Sandhurst Lake

Sandhurst is a smaller pearl in the world of day ticket carp fishing. Interspersed around the overgrown rim are 31 pegs, each one ideal for setting up your rod pod rig.

There are dedicated short-range swims, a barbecue area, and a tackle shop. The lake holds some sizable specimens.

The average weight is 11.8kg (26lbs) with the current record standing at 20kg (45lbs). More than 10 carp are known to be over the elusive 18kg (40lb) barrier.

While carp fishing in France or Hungary can be a rewarding experience, if you live near London, you can leave your passport in the drawer and visit Sandhurst Lake.

5. Caerphilly Castle

Catapult your boilie pre-bait right against the foundations of a 13th century Norman castle as you set your lines out in its moat.

This idyllic location in South Wales contains a stock of 300 crucian carp, of which 60 are over 9kg (20lbs).

A carp fishing hotspot, Caerphilly is free for all and everyone is encouraged to throw out a line. Anglers can also fish for pike, eels, perch, and tench. And in case something is missing from your pack list, Tony’s Tackle Shop is right next door.

6. Loch Morar

There’s a reason why the Scots call a lake a loch, for we are entering an entirely different league here.

If you’re hauling a boat, make sure it’s suitable for freshwater, as Loch Morar is the second largest freshwater lake in Scotland (after Loch Ness), and it is as imposing as it sounds. This monster-size loch roughly measures 26 square kilometers (10 square miles) and can be fished for carp, trout, salmon, pike, and perch.

The bulk of the catch will be under 7kg (15lbs), but on the upside, most will be unscathed for that superb shot with a scale-perfect specimen. So if you don’t mind globetrotting, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular fishing spot right in the middle of the Scottish Highlands.

You can even cruise around to see what the world looked like in Jurassic times.

7. Wellington Country Park

Wellington Country Park is an all-time favorite for those hooked on fishing.

Parents might especially want to spend a day or two in this sought-after location near London, since it’s paired with an amusement park with a playground, animal farm, and dino forest that the rest of the family can enjoy. Situated in Reading near London, the 35-acre lake holds a good number of 40-pounder mirrors in pristine condition. Some even tip the scales at over 23kg (50lbs).

The only catch is that Welly Park is a syndicate, meaning that you need to sign up for membership before being put on the waiting list.

8. Cherry Lakes

This is the last one on the list and offers a family-friendly fishing vacation in a luxury cottage with a private peg in the Cotswold Water Park near Bristol.

At 5 acres, the lake is large enough for some genuine carp fishing, as its largest inhabitant came in at 20kg (44lbs).

During the off season, there is plenty to do in the Cotswold area, such as shopping, fine dining, and paying a visit to the old Roman town of Cirencester.

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