The application forms for the 2009 Sensas Team England Under 18s and Drennan Team England Under 22 teams that will compete at the World Youth Championships in Portugal are now available for download from the Angling Trust website,

Angling TrustFollowing the unprecedented double gold success for Matt Godfrey and Callum Dicks at the 2008 Championships in Belgium, as well as the team bronze achieved by the Sensas Team England U 17s, the standard of angler needs to be of the highest level.

Applicants must impress both Mark Downes and Steve Sanders the England Youth Team Managers, who will once again be tasked with the search for the finest young talent this country can provide. Successful applicants will represent England in this year’s World Championships taking place in Portugal on 25th and 26th July.

Mark Downes adds, “The River in Portugal is a great venue and will favour the better waggler anglers. Small barbel and carp are the quarry and long distance feeding of sticky maggot with wagglers up to 16 gm will be required. The pole will also play a major role especially on the U 18s match length where the water runs a little deeper.

The teams this year will be looking to overhaul the Italians and a powerful home nation who usually do well on these warm water venues but I see no reason why we shouldn’t give them a run for their money.”

All completed application forms including nominations plus references must be at the Angling Trust by no later than 8th May 2009. The trials will be held in late May in a venue to be confirmed shortly. Forms should be sent to Angling Trust, The National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, NG12 2LU.

Source: Angling Trust

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The Angling Trust has announced that another major angling organisation will become a part of the new organisation. The Confederation of English Fly Fishers voted unanimously at its reconvened AGM on Saturday 14th March, at Rutland Water, to wind up and become a part of the Angling Trust, as soon as governing body status for the Trust is confirmed.

angling trustAll of its activities will then be delivered by the Angling Trust. The CEFF will form a committee reporting to the board, called the England Fly Fishing Committee. Further discussions are ongoing with the England Ladies Fly Fishing Association, the England Youth Fly Fishing Association and the England Disabled Fly Fishers about their involvement with the Trust.

This latest development will bring the number of merged organisations to seven and strengthens the Trust’s representation of anglers’ interests in the UK.

Mark Lloyd chief executive of the Angling Trust says of the merger “I am delighted that the CEFF has decided to become a part of the Angling Trust. This will enable the Trust to develop national and international fly fishing competitions, to increase participation in all areas of fly fishing and to address directly the many issues affecting fly anglers throughout the country.”

Baz Reece, Chairman of CEFF comments: “CEFF has decided to become part of the Angling Trust because we can see that our aims will be best served by joining the single, governing body for all anglers. The Trust will attract new participants to our competitions, secure additional sponsorship for the national teams and provide a coaching framework to develop the skills of potential England team members.”

Source: Angling Trust

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Saturday, 14 March 2009 19:42

Fight for Fishing at Foremark

The Angling Trust today launched an online petition to reverse a decision by Severn Trent Water which would see angling banned from the dam wall and East bank of Foremark Reservoir in Derbyshire.

Angling TrustSevern Trent Water has cited various reasons for the closure of more than two thirds of the reservoir to anglers, who have been fishing there for nearly 30 years. Their main concern seems to be health and safety, with concerns that anglers will hook passers-by or that they might fall over on the dam. There have been only 3 accidents in 29 years, all of them minor and none involving anglers hooking members of the public. They have even suggested that anglers fishing on the dam might affect its structural integrity.

The Trust is calling on all anglers to stand up and be counted to stop this nonsense. Signing the petition online takes less than one minute at

Source: Angling Trust

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The Angling Trust’s northern and southern selection matches for the England team for anglers with disabilities have now been confirmed. The re-scheduled northern qualifier will take place on 5th April 2009 on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal and the southern qualifier will be fished on 18th April 2009 at Gold Valley Fishery.

Angling TrustEngland Team Manager Joe Roberts has introduced two selection matches fished to international rules to help identify anglers who are of international calibre. A number of anglers from each regional match will be selected to fish a national trial and have the opportunity to fish for England at the World Championships in Portugal.

Any anglers with disabilities who wish to put themselves forward for the international team should contact their local Regional Officer for Anglers with Disabilities (see list below). The local officer will be able to advise them of the required style of international fishing and put them forward to fish the appropriate match.

Each angler must have at least one handicap point which is based on their disability, with the full team requiring a minimum of ten points in total to fish the World Championships. Team manager, Joe Roberts will assess each of the anglers’ disability on the day ranging from one to six points for the highest classification.

Potential anglers must also join the Angling Trust to be eligible to fish, which can be easily done via the new website, or by calling 0844 7700616.

Joe Roberts, England Team Manager, believes these regional contests are vital, commenting: “This year we have created a selection process that will enable us to see how anglers adapt to the style of fishing required to be successful on the international stage. We will also have more time to work with the anglers and create a team that can deliver at the World Championships.”

International Events Manager Dick Clegg supported Joe, adding: “The style required to fish at international level is completely different to the way anglers normally fish in this country. Having regional matches fished to international rules will give the selection team the opportunity to pick the very best anglers who have the necessary skills to deliver success in Portugal.”

Source: Angling Trust

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Anglers who have fished Foremark Reservoir in Derbyshire for a generation held a protest outside Severn Trent Water’s Headquarters today after the water company refused to back down on its controversial plans to close two thirds of the reservoir to angling due to concerns about health and safety of the public, the anglers themselves and the structural integrity of the dam wall.

Angling TrustAfterwards, a meeting was held between Foremark Fly Fishers, the Angling Trust and the Operations Director of Severn Trent.

The Angling Trust and Foremark Fly Fishers will launch a petition this weekend at the Spring Fly Fair in Newark to seek the support of thousands of anglers who are angered by this decision by the privatised utility. The petition will go online next week on the Angling Trust website at

Earlier this week, support for the anglers case came from an unlikely source: the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), whose Strategy Division wrote to the angling club: “there are a great many myths circulating about what ‘health and safety regulations’ require; they are just that – myths. Unfortunately some organisations fall for these myths and act upon them. It does appear that health and safety is being used as a reason to limit the amount of fishing along the banks of the reservoir when the real reason may well be something else altogether.”

The HSE went on to suggest that the anglers ask the company for a copy of the risk assessment which led to the decision being taken. Despite several requests to Severn Trent, a copy has not been forthcoming and at a meeting with Peter Gavin, a Director at Severn Trent, it was confirmed that the document would not be released. This has led anglers to speculate that no such assessment exists.

David Coates, Chairman of Foremark Fly Fishers said: “I felt that the meeting was positive although no firm commitments were made, the dialogue has opened up and the company has agreed to make a ‘response with substance’ in the next two weeks or so.”

Alan Dawes, Secretary Foremark Fly Fishers and Angling Correspondent for the Burton Mail said: “it was good to meet Severn Trent face to face, and although nothing positive came out of the meeting, it was obvious that they listened to our grievances and were prepared to discuss it further in the near future.”

Mark Lloyd Chief Executive, Angling Trust said: “I am appalled by the way Severn Trent has treated their customers. There has been no consultation about this entirely unreasonable decision and no attempt to take on board our members’ suggestions for measures to mitigate any risks which might exist. It is clear that the Health and Safety Executive agrees. We will be calling on all anglers to sign our petition and, if they are shareholders or customers of Severn Trent, to write to the company and complain.”

Source: Angling Trust

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Thursday, 26 February 2009 19:04

Pulborough Angling Society, February 2009


Pulborough Angling Society

Our AGM & prize presentation evening will be held on Friday 27th February 2009 at Ashington Community Centre starting at 8pm sharp, the AGM will be preceded by a prize presentation for our juniors and a short update on how the juniors have fared in their match series against other local clubs this past year, starting at 7:30pm, would all match anglers in possession of trophies from last season, please return them Barry Ginnaw as soon as possible please.

Would members please note that Moor Farm will close for it's annual shut down on Monday 12th January 2009 until 7th March 2009, no fishing whatsoever will be allowed during the closure period.

Catch Report

Goose Green

Adam Tester fished peg 7 on Heron Lake at Goose Green on the 17th Feb, Adam fishing bread punch reports catching a bag of Roach, but the day was topped off by a 3-0-0 Common Carp.

Craig Burgess fished Canada lake at Goose Green on the 18th February, Craig started off using bread & sweetcorn fished on the bottom but missed the only bite he had. He then tried some floating crust towards the margins, after a few minutes Craig was into a 4lb Common carp which came in easily, Craig then lost another carp which slipped the hook straight away, not to be outdone by the fish Craig persevered with floating crust and was rewarded with a 7lb common which put up a real struggle.

Moor Farm


Duncans Pond

Reece Woodhams fished Duncan's Pond on the 17th February, Recce fishing with hair rigged corn reports the capture of a 13-0-0 Common carp on a bolt rig.

River Arun

No reports

River Adur

Mark Dibble fished the River Adur below White Bridge on the 15th February. Mark reports the river as still fining down after the flooding last week, but his speculative session did produce a fish. Using groundbait feeder fished pellet, the third cast saw the tip drop back gently in a way he didn't even recognise as a bite. A couple of minutes later Mark picked up the rod to reel in & found what he thought to be a good Skimmer hanging on the end. The Skimmer turned out to be a perfectly lip hooked & very lethargic 3lb Mirror Carp! After that it went quiet.

River Rother

No Reports

Source: Pulborough Angling Society

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Friday, 20 February 2009 21:10

England Trials for Veterans

The Angling Trust is giving anglers over the age of 60 the opportunity to fish for England, with the first 2009 trial for the England Veterans team taking place on Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 11th March

Angling Trust

This will be the first of a series of trials in which England Team Manager Joe Roberts will ask all attendees to fish the match to international rules to help identify anglers who are of international calibre. The match will give anglers a unique opportunity to fish on this year’s F.I.P.S.ed organised World Championship venue using the same tactics that will be needed on 11th and 12th July later this year.

Gold for Mark AddyEngland selectors will be looking for anglers who have an excellent knowledge of bloodworm and joker techniques demonstrating their ability to fish at international level. Anglers will also need to adapt their domestic style of fishing considerably following F.I.P.S.ed rules where only float fishing with a pole up to 11.5m or waggler are permitted.

Any angler who believes s/he has the aptitude to enhance England’s standing in international fishing further and contribute to another gold medal summer should contact England Manager Joe Roberts directly on 07860 469 595 or 01604 712 897.

Any potential anglers who would like to fish the trials need to be 60 years of age on or before the 31st December 2008 and join the Angling Trust to be eligible to fish, which can be easily done via the new website, or by calling 0844 7700616.

Joe Roberts, England Team Manager, is expectant of a good year for 2009, commenting: “Last year we had an incredibly successful World Championship in Portugal winning team bronze and individual gold with Mark Addy. This year the eyes of the world will be upon us, especially as we are fishing on home water. The anglers that come to trial will need to be at the very top of their profession, as nothing short of gold will be expected.”

Bronze medal for EnglandInternational Events Manager Dick Clegg supported Joe, adding: “There will be huge pressure on this year’s Angling Trust England Veterans team due to the venue. However, the team will be able to take nothing for granted as the skills required to fish to international rules are completely different to domestic angling techniques. This makes the series of trials that will be conducted by Joe, become even more important ensuring selected anglers have the abilities required to bring success on our home waters.”

Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd commented: “we want the best team possible to ensure that the England veterans can continue their winning streak, and so I would encourage all eligible anglers to register with Joe as soon as possible. As the old saying goes: time spent fishing is time added onto life.”

Source: Angling Trust

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 21:57

Angling’s great moderniser dies

Fred Jennings OBE, one of the most influential figures in the development of coarse angling, has sadly passed away in his sleep at the age of 76.

West Midlander Fred had a major impact on angling, both at club level and on a national scale.

Fred jennings collects his OBE in 1996He was the first full-time executive chairman of Birmingham AA – at a time when they had a staggering 60,000 members (they have 12,000 today) – and was the National Federation of Anglers president from 1973 to 1978.

Fred was also a board member of Severn Trent Water and chairman of its Fisheries Advisory Committee, as well as being the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s appointee to the National Water Council.

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Anglers who have fished Foremark Reservoir in Derbyshire for a generation were hanging their heads in despair last night after a meeting with Severn Trent Water’s health & safety officials who confirmed that two thirds of the reservoir is to be closed for angling due to concerns about health and safety of the public, the anglers themselves and the structural integrity of the dam wall.

Angling TrustSevern Trent’s official said that he was concerned about non-angling visitors getting hooked by fly anglers’ back casts and anglers tripping over on the uneven surface of the dam wall, which comprises a gently-shelving structure built of large rocks. Nearly three miles of bank previously available to anglers will now be closed to all fishing at all times of the year.

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Monday, 26 January 2009 19:32

Carpin' On Carp Fishing Show

It's back! The renowned Carpin' On show is back for 2009. This fantastic event which is dedicated to carp anglers is the biggest of its kind in showcasing all the latest tackle and bait available to today's angler - and it's available to buy!

Five Lakes Resort, nr Colchester, Essex - 7th & 8th March 2009

Carpin' On has an unbeatable line up of entertainments for anglers of all abilities hosted on the fabulous purpose-built indoor lake - from interactive forums and workshops to live demos and displays, the top angling stars will be on hand to answer all your carping questions and offer tips and advice on how you can improve your angling.

Carin' On tackle and bait show

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