The Angling Trust Daiwa Schools National Championship 2010 was held on Wednesday 21st July 2010 at Hallcroft Fishery, Retford, Nottinghamshire with 30 teams of 5 anglers per team taking part.

Angling Trust Fishing News Valley School from Worksop once again won the winning title for the third year running with a total of 141 points in the team classification. The team consisted of; Liam Ainsworth A21, Robbie Moore B12, Dean Northage C18, Oliver Hipkiss D26 and Lewis Robinson E25. In silver medal position was Penistone Grammar School who were a late entrant into the event with 118 points. Their team were; Ryan Burkinshaw A18, Ben Howlett B30, Kyle Lockwood C8, Kiefer Dixon D21 and Sam Morfitt E2. In third position with 116 points was Smithdon High School Red from Norfolk. The team consisted of; Toby Pepper A17, Tim Pepper B4, Michael Hall C6, Tom Carlton D10, and Callum Leverett E1. In fourth place was Holgate Schools and Sports College with 115 points. Their team were; Dan Bryning A22, Sam Hunter B7, Josh Tallant C12, Jamie Hartley D13, and Niall Dunn E30.

John Hamon, teacher of the team from Valley School said “I was really pleased with the whole day as more teams were involved this year which was brilliant, as last year there were fewer and now the event is building up again and it’s all down to the work from Angling Trust and Daiwa. Everyone in the team fished pole and a lot fished chopped worm and pellet. We have an excellent team and they are all in Year 10 and came through to gel as a unit, so next year the same boys can fish again. Unfortunately this year we lost two good anglers, and one of them Reece Nicolson is fishing for the U18s England team. We also get lots of support and help from the parents, and we won the regional match on Monday fishing against 6-7 Bassetlaw schools, so have had a busy week.”

Valley School were back in the medal position with Lewis Robinson on peg E25 collecting the gold medal for the first individual position with an outstanding weight of 16.400kg. In runner up position was Tim Pepper of Smithdon High School Red on peg B4 with 15.100kg. In third position was Jamie Cook from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester Green on peg E19 with 12.950kg.

Fishing took place in hot glorious sunshine for 4 hours from 10.30am-2.30pm. The pools used on the day were Moat Outer (sections A & B), Bridge Outer (section C), Bridge Island and Croft (section D), and Reed and Canal (section E). Fish caught on the day were carp, skimmers, perch and a few roach. The venue fished really hard with carp too far out for some lengths of poles, and for anyone who struggled catching small perch. There were some good weights on the day that were made up of large single fish. More schools this year got involved from further afield as Suffolk and Ipswich, and all who took part had a fun day.

Angling Trust would like to thank Daiwa for their continued support of the Schools National Championship and for their generous sponsorship of prizes for the youngsters in this event. Daiwa also provided their consultants on the day who presented all the prizes to the competitors, and provided assistance throughout the day, Will Raison (Drennan Team England), Sandra Scotthorne, and Kieron Rich. Appreciation and thanks must also go to Terry Sears and all his staff at Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries for their use of the water and their support and help on the day, as they did a fantastic job and were very professional.

Team results
1st Valley School 141 points
2nd Penistone Grammar School 118 points
3rd Smithdon High School Red 116 points
4th Holgate Schools and Sports College 115 points

Individual Results
1st Lewis Robinson, Valley School 16.400kg
2nd Tim Pepper, Smithdon High School Red 15.100kg
3rd Jamie Cook, Tudor Grange Academy Worcester Green 12.950kg
4th Luke Woodcock, Retford Oaks High School B Team 12.450kg

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The Angling Trust has announced a prize draw for new members signing up in the next month. Every adult member who joins the Angling Trust between 1.00pm on Friday 14th August and 5.00 pm on Friday the 18th of September will be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000 of tackle vouchers from the 2009 Daiwa Catalogue. The Fishing Magic and Fish and Fly leading angling web sites have already agreed to promote this prize draw to their full database of members and to give this membership drive their full support

Angling Trust Fishing NewsFollowing the recent announcement of restructuring, the Angling Trust Board met yesterday to review the new business plan for the remainder of 2009 and to develop plans to increase the rate of recruitment of individual members to the Trust. The Directors approved the revised plan, which involves cutting costs to ensure that the Trust does not end the year in deficit. The organisation was launched with very limited capital funding and therefore it can only operate with the funds which it receives in subscriptions, donations, fundraising and sponsorship.

The Trust will continue to campaign on anglers’ rights issues, fight for the protection and restoration of marine and freshwater fisheries, increase participation in angling, run national and international angling competitions and through its legal arm Fish Legal take action against polluters and others who damage fishing. Fish Legal is currently fighting 78 legal cases throughout the UK and is supporting hundreds of its member angling clubs and fisheries with free legal advice. The more members the Angling Trust and Fish Legal gets, the more it will be able to do.

Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd said: “we hope that the incentive of being in a draw to win £1,000 of tackle will help recruit all those anglers who have been meaning to join up for some time, but haven’t yet got round to it. The Angling Trust will be what anglers make it; we need much more support if we are to protect and promote angling in the future. We are very grateful to Daiwa, Fishing Magic and Fish and Fly for their support of our recruitment drive.”

Daiwa Marketing Director Robin Morley said: “Daiwa UK is very keen to do everything we can to make the Angling Trust a success and we have supported the organisation in many ways this year with prizes for raffles and sponsorship of the recent newsletter. We believe that the Angling Trust is vital for anglers and for all angling, including the trade.”

The Board welcomed the recent support of leading figures in angling, for the Angling Trust, the united body to represent all anglers. It goes without saying we will be arranging a meeting with them to hear their ideas - the more support we receive from senior figures in the sport, the better it will be for all anglers.

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